Crazy long move by savior shooter in Delivery Man map

EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
I just had a savior shooter pull off a crazy long move
Longer than a scout can travel?

Here's the chain of events
I spawn

Move one - My two assaults take out 2 walkers each
I send my hunter to open a crate
The saviors are far enough away that I don't pay any attention to them - end turn

The saviors move from far right to the spots you see them in the screen shot
The savior shooter ran around the savior warrior and up above my hunter and then stopped

How the heck can a savior shooter move that far in one turn?

Here's the screen shot



  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066
    Less freemen on this map...but lots more aggressive?
  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    edited August 2017
    Invader said:

    Less freemen on this map...but lots more aggressive?

    Maybe they have in line skates on their feet?
  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    I guess I missed that post previously. Add this post to that post with the screenshot that demonstrates the problem here
  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
    > @Captainslayer said:
    > They've been doing that a while on this map and it was reported last time we had the map good to see it was fixed

    Pretty much sums it up. They were getting overwatch before a survivor moving into their line of sight on the museum map last week.
  • ADPaqADPaq Member Posts: 296
    I've seen very odd warping* on this map a few times during this challenge.

    * A freeman moves, attacks me or a walker, then warps back to it's starting point and attacks again.
  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    Just had an extra long move happen again this morning
    This time it was the savior warrior
  • pirate1125pirate1125 Member Posts: 320
    Same thing last week on Museum
  • CoonCoon Member Posts: 282
    edited August 2017
    Good news! NG just called me and informed me that all bugs have now been fixed! They said any issues from here forward are not thier problem and must be user device originating.
  • vshield50vshield50 Member Posts: 1,946
    > @Coon said:
    > Good news! NG just called me and informed me that all bugs have now been fixed! They said any issues from here forward are not thier problem and must be user device originating.

    Here I have a hard time getting answers from a couple yes or no questions I asked. Pretty cool that they trust you enough to call you and let you speak on their behalf! You must have a lot of pull with @Fearofabotplanet and the gang :)
  • FearofabotplanetFearofabotplanet Staff Posts: 539
    @Coon Rule #3: Do not try to speak on behalf of Next Games or any of the staff of Next Games.
  • CoonCoon Member Posts: 282
    I thought rule 3 was that there is no such thing as Fight Club. LOL
  • paintbeastpaintbeast Member Posts: 1,188

    @Coon Rule #3: Do not try to speak on behalf of Next Games or any of the staff of Next Games.

    You're thinking of rule #10.
  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    Glad to see the challenge maps don't recycle very often
    Oh wait, I just played this same map last week :/
    Are we short on maps to use for the challenges?

    Seriously, this same map again this week?

    And here we go again this week with a crazy long move by the savior shooter
    Turn 1 - I take out 4 walkers and move Maggie up to the top of the map
    Walkers turn - Shooter runs from way over on the other side of the map, right in front of Maggie

  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066
    edited August 2017
    Just played this map and had funny moves too...

    Shooter stood between the two crates, shot at the walker, moved around the corner and gave my assault a second shot which was a body shot.

    Please fix this weird behavior @Shteevie @Fearofabotplanet it´s pretty annoying as soon as we move up in difficulty. It´s been mentioned since months!

  • VladoIIVladoII Member Posts: 98
    They are moving forward 5-6, sometimes 7 steps.
    Same on THE TRAVERSE map, but walkers are ok.
  • JackBauerJackBauer Member Posts: 1,550
    What is more awesome ?

    The freemen bruiser is hitting a stunned walker.
    What does my revenge trait shooter ?
    He shoots the freemen.
    And no, my shooter was not in overwatch!
    Remember to use your charge abilities
  • jrodrf2jrodrf2 Member Posts: 247
    @EL34xyz also odd: why does the Freeman even need to move to that spot? He's a range weapon that can only shot one survivor. Could've made a much shorter move and cause the same damage.
  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,057
    Saw a weird phenomena while playing this map in the current challenge.

    There are two human enemies in this map, a hunter and a warrior in my case. I killed the warrior at the beginning. Afterwards, was able to down the hunter on a turn and earned the exp points. When it was the zombie/ freeman turn, the hunter was again alive, hit my survivors for a body shot. On my turn I was again able to kill him for additional exp points.
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  • PoppyPoppy Member Posts: 1,146
    Freemen are bugged to hell currently with regular occurrences of multiple attacks and increased movement, been like it for month and needs fixing.
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