Update 2.7 Badges and Components Pre-Release Thread



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    vshield50 said:

    @Mabiki , you think they will finally explain how Power Strike works in 2.7? Lol

    I'm hoping @painwalker or @Terminates will put together a 45-minute tutorial that details every situational possibility of when it will or will not activate.
    There are a few points I'm still not clear on :D
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    Let's not derail this thread. If you have a question not related to the topic on hand, please feel free to start one.
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    Components are available through the mission crates, Distance rewards, and the shop. Videos are therefore helpful for opening more mission crates, but the radio tent crates don't yet have them.
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    Firekid said:

    Will these components be available from the outside videos?


    You mean if they get real? Yes...on tuesday...if everything works as intended :smiley:
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    Closing this in order to keep all questions and answers regarding the now-released Update Notes in one place. :)
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