Html codes.

I need a refresher on the keys of using html in forum. I know it's < code >.
Maybe a moderator be nice to write a simple key example and put in category with forum rules.

Thx would save time then sifting thru web.


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    Ya I tried using codes with mobile and just don't show up
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    I went to my browser settings and turned on.
    Request desktop view
    And now is letting me to use simple HTML.

    Gave more options above comment box.
    Noticed tho that codes different from normal HTML codes.

    Example: bold
    Put code inside < >

    b class="Bold"
    Word you want to bold
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    < b class="Bold">Bold word< /b >
    Only space is b class. Had to space after < so you see it.
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    < i class="Italic">Italic< /i>
    < h1>

    heading 1

    < /h1>
    < h2>

    heading 2

    < /h2>
    < blockquote class="Quote">< /blockquote>
    < div class="Spoiler">< /div>
    < code class="CodeInline">< /code>

    Still can't get img icon to post a image.
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    the code is right but image address MUST have ".png" at end. Or will show up as blank img block


    < img src="url.png">
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    Don't put space after <
    Only between img src
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    Grrr failed img again
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    < img src="url" alt="" />
    Take first space out only. And don't forget .png at end of url
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    I'm still getting to grips with the way this forum software handles code, TBH. Will keep my eye on this thread - keep trying stuff!
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    @Pnub .png is the file extension. It wasn't working before because you were not correctly specifying the location and file.
    It won't always be .png. It may be .jpg, .gif, .bmp, or several other web serviceable formats. It all depends on what format the file is saved in.
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    True. Found out imgur. Has a simple app for uploading and getting share link. Just been slow long since I used a forum. So any tips be helpful.
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    Thx for tips. Just trying re-learn forum code with mobile browser. Did discover imjur app for uploading screenshots.
    I tried Google drive. Since already sync to phone. But getting a image to embed from there a lot harder.
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