# of challege stars vs survior level

ahoy ahoy everyone,

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies. I have level 11 survivors with mostly upgraded equipment and ok stats, most being 4 stars. I have no real issues getting to challenge round 13 for me which is +2 to my level but after that I cant get 3 stars without a ton of work which basically pins me at the 350-400 star range. I always get 3 stars in everything prior to +2 levels. I see alot of guild recruitments saying looking for people 400-700 star range and I wonder how much easier is it to reach those number is my survivors are higher level. I have seen videos of players fighting +5 levels and completing rounds but I could not dream of this, and assume they have maxed our characters with optimal stats/equipment. Any insight to how players reach these star levels is appreciated. I have tried to do my HW on wordpress' wonderful guides to build a solid team. Thank you!


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    Develope a solid team with the traits needed.
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    My current survivors are lvl 21. When I finish +2 RSL, I already have about 600 stars.
    So there is a big difference there. So leveling up your survivors will get you more stars!
    I usually finish RSL 4+ too, At that point I have up to 1000 stars.
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    Thanks Jimmorrison for the perspective. With you getting +4 RSL how many traits out of the 5 on the survivors are optimum? AKA 3/5 or 5/5. Same question when it comes to equipment, is it 1/3 or 3/3? thank you
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    Exactly, you'll want to try get 3* per map for as long as you can but the end of round bonus is where you get most of your stars. Someone who is 10 levels higher than you is going to get 10* more every round they complete so that's the difference.

    Focus on levelling up and building a broad range of survivors for every class. So you'll be able to handle whatever each challenge throws at you. Scouts with threat reduction/interrupt on the weapon will pretty much help you on any map so that would be my tip :smile:
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,042
    Most of my survivors have 4-5 traits I like. Equipment is mostly legendary and a few epics, some are equipment for lvl 20 survivors.

    I use all classes except bruiser (no good ones yet). The fun is to use the right team for the right map. It is also a matter of preference of course.
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    My survivors are level 14 and my highest score was made on last week's challange of 614. I still had a lot of room for improvement on my equipment. It helped that it was a shooter bonus challange since my shooters were well equiped. Most of my survivors are 4 stars, I have one 5 star and some 3 star heros.

    I've learned that equipment is more important than anything, not just max upgraded legendary but being lucky enough to have the best traits on the equipment for that survivor.

    I'll be taking things much slower these days when it comes to upgrading my council, I'll wait until I have my strongest survivors with max upgraded legendary equipment and have a good amount of trade goods saved up to purchase equipment on my next upgrade. It's going to take a lot of patients but the results will be a much easier time on the next level of challange when I do upgrade.

    Beyond that it just takes choosing the best survivors for the specific task, along with a good strategy. I actually do better on the harder levels since by the time I'm 2 or 3 levels above my level I've learned the best strategies by that time.

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    @nicks75 Getting equip with TGs in not really bad idea, but in long run, it is better to buy tokens for your survs. Cause at the end, You´ll need new equip for each survivors lvl, but if you will have strong survs, you´ll keep them forever. Not saying to dont buy equip(I do the same), but specially on your survs lvl, you will outgrow that equip soon.
    @midiman143 Try to increase yout player(camp) lvl, upgrade your survs, use tokens for best ones(retaliate/iron skin/strong for melee and marksman/iron skin/sureshot for ranged is good start, luck is still very good option, dodge is fine, but not going to help you in high RSL, ruthless is worthy for scouts, shooters, warriors and hunters, maybe lil bit for assaults, revenge is quite situational but some ppl like it, punish on bruiser really not bad, vigilant is situational but I love my hunter with this trait, powerstrike on melee very fine but again situational, bullet dodge quite unpopular, sometimes helpful) and keep trying. And follow https://twdnomansland.wordpress.com/challenge-maps/ for challege tips that can help you fight even higher RSL. Dotn focus on equip too much, one fine set(or two) every 2nd survivor lvl might be enough at your current position.
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