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    vshield50 said:

    >Please help me out here. Based on these two scenarios (which both have a range of Rare to Legendary) are my chances statistically equal to receive a legendary badge or am I statistically more likely to get a legendary badge from the one with more legendary components?

    >> @zbot said:

    >> @vshield50 it's RNG, I would wait until you find a leg badge so the badge you get is at least Epic or Leg.

    Thanks @zbot . I took a risk I guess and ended up with an epic. Worked out well though based on the survivor I equipped it on ;)

    Let's be clear, it is NOT 100% RNG. There absolutely is an RNG component, but it is very likely weighted in the same way that some hero tokens are weighted to be more common than others (meaning that it's probably true that using more legendary components will be more likely to yield an epic or legendary result). What those 'weights' might be is anyone's guess at this point because we don't have enough data.

    Anyone claiming that the two scenarios you posed would have an equal statistical chance of yielding a legendary badge is 100% speculating (just as I am) because as we all know, NG doesn't disclose drop rates or probabilities.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but I just added a badge and it didn't show on the display the total damage
  • rupirupi Member Posts: 6
    What is going on here. See 2 screen shots same hero. One is from last night way more powerful than today with more badges and a set of 4. The second shot should have a far higher defense.

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    Sorry shots are backwards
  • rupirupi Member Posts: 6
    Before badges originally
  • rupirupi Member Posts: 6
    So basically my set of badges gave me +68 in defense?
  • rupirupi Member Posts: 6
    Fix this or I want the goals back I spent getting the badges
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    @theRealBender Please read the text. It says that it can yield a badge from rare to legendary

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    If you use all green you can still get uncommon. If you use all leg you can still get blue. That’s how it works

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    TS isn't saying they can't know in advance what the range of qualities is, but the fact that the range allows for the resulting quality can be less than the quality one puts in.

    @theRealBender I'm merging this with the Badge discussion, keeping the feedback together.
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    @MattOfEarth It’s exciting to not know what you can get. For me in order to craft a badge I would like to see first the rarity between 3-5 stars. So I know there is the chance to get a leg badge

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    Let's be honest a lot of people, whether they pay for components or grind for them, will not be happy with the RNG element affecting rarity. It already affects the badge you'll get so adding the uncertainty of rarity seems like a step too far, although admittedly it's an equal handicap to both paying and F2P players.

    I don't think I've ever come across a crafting system that works like this as invariably you need to find X components and you craft Y, with Y being guaranteed. NG are now asking players to ignore this tried and tested method of crafting, literally hundreds of games over decades of game design, and go with the NG RNG flow.
  • wattson86wattson86 Member Posts: 10
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    It would be nice to receive components from scrapping old obsolete weapons and armour instead of just a paltry amount of xp
  • nobibinobibi Member Posts: 22
    @Teeceezy My survivor has no ruthless, but if he equiped ruthless armor, this badge's bouns will working or not?
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,179
    I got a rare bade from my epic components and an uncommon badge from my rares. Not surprisingly I went off the idea of the badge system when that happened and I was previously quite excited for it. I suppose the one balancing feature is that if you are lucky enough you can end up with a legendary badge with just rare/epic components like I've seen some people post. So maybe one day I'll get lucky and end up with a higher rarity of badge than the components I used to balance this out.

    Out of interest, what does RNG stand for?
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
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    Random Number Generator
    It's what governs the feeling of randomness, though the fact that it's software, and by definition designed, it's not pure randomness really, but that's just philosophy. :)
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    @rupi move your survivor off/on the team and the display of damage/health will show correctly again. Not sure if it is just a display thing or the bonus actually doesn't work when it displays it wrong.
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    RNG = Random number generated by Next Games
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    I don't understand the hating here? Isn't the chance of leg badge when using rare items worth the risk of getting rare when using legendary? Just means you can be less picky with what you craft with. And yes I got rare from my free epic stuff but then my girlfriend got epic fro her free green stuff! Also you can't have it both ways where you want leg stuff from all epic pieces....
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