Which Scout should I invest?

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Hello! I got a legendary scout from a 15 radios call and since I already got a legendary scout, I was wondering which one I should invest my tokens in. I have one pretty much from the start of the game since I was a noob then :p . Anyway, here they are.

For the record, that's
Frank with: Retaliate, Vigilant, Power Strike, Defensive Stance and Strong
Samuel with: Strong, Dodge, Vigilant, Ruthless and Power Strike

As you can see, they both share three traits but differ in two. I am edging towards Samuel just because of the Dodge (and I also would get Ruthless which should be nice against those high level walkers) but I would trade in Frank's Retaliate and Defensive Stance. I am unsure what to do, since the traits I would get are nice but the traits I would trade in from Frank are also useful. Any suggestions? Maybe I could use one as an Outpost defender with some good equipment?

EDIT: Samual has been retired, I got a new scout and now the same question applies. Scroll down for more info.

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  • ekimhclewekimhclew Member Posts: 775
    I agree. Wouldn't invest in either one
  • CoonCoon Member Posts: 282
    I say Samuel... Ruthless is much better for high lvl enemies
  • TheRieTheRie Member Posts: 5
    Thank you for your answers. I decided to retire Samuel and keep Frank for now. However, I got another 4 star scout from a radio call. I hope I can keep this in the same thread, but if not, I'll start a new thread. This new scout has the following traits: Defensive Stance, Lucky, Power Strike and Vigilante.

    Defensive Stance and Vigilante together can be a powerful combo, right? Lucky is also a nice addition, though I am disappointed by the lack of Retaliate, but oh well. Even with this one, I still lean towards Frank. What do you think?
  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
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    @TheRie For scout, i would say retaliate, iron skin, strong(well, now you can replace that one with badges), luck and one of dodge/ruthless(I prefer ruthless, but dodge will do too). Im not very skilled with using power strike, but as far as I know, some ppl wont take scout/warrior class without.
    For now, you´ll have to work with what you have, but I would save tokens for future pull, that will be better.
    And you are right, vigilant and def stance is powerful combo. With such, i would forget about retaliate, as if you use overwatch, retaliate is not going to work. And I myself have very interesting scout build(straight from pull): ruthless, vigilant, iron skin, def stance and strong. That can be damn powerful OW scout with occasional charged attack. But not decided if to train her further or not, for now she is doing her job in The distance by feeding walkers. And she is good at it :blush:
  • TechfallTechfall Member Posts: 168
    Yea Ideal scout traits are luck, strong, iron skin, dodge, ruthless, power strike, revenge. Some people say revenge is must have others want ruthless, it's up to you. With badges you can artificially have strong and iron skin and with gear you can have luck and ruthless but luck stacks, etc. there are lots of variables
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