Fleeing a deadly mission

TK-421 If you could clarify.
I lost all 3 survivors when I fled a deadly mission.
It told me to choose the survivor I wish to sacrifice the same as on a regular mission... I was prepared to loose one of my survivors but not all 3.... If this is how it is supposed to be perhaps there can be a little more info to make players aware of this fact.
If this is not how it is supposed to be then how can it be fixed?
Thanks for your time... Love the game!


  • ElvedElved Member Posts: 29
    ouch.. that sucks.. but glad i heard this here compared to finding out the hard way
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    Can you please tell us if your survivors were in a struggle, or out of struggle but suffered a heavy injury?

    You are not the only one wondering how survivors are determined dead in deadly missions. I believe it should be crystal clear to players how dead happens as now I, for example, do not know the criteria when a survivor is dead (or in what ways he can die especially regarding to fleeing) in a deadly mission.

    This is not the only occassion of the game not providing enough info. The luck trait for another example has been a black box since the start, and I wonder why did not they make it 100% clear what it does?

    Hopefully we get a response?
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    Two were in a struggle if I recall. I do know that if all 3 are in a struggle the mission fails automatically. I did recover all my gear though. Hope one of the mods read and reply. I wasn't sure how to tag someone in a post.
    I would really like some feedback from one of them. If it's a bug, perhaps I can test out their customer service lol
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    Same thing happened to me however I do not recall all the other circumstances. Just remember I lost all three 3star survivors. Ouch. I wouldn't have fled had I known I lose all 3. Stand and fight and maybe I save at least 1. Right?
  • SeanricSeanric Member Posts: 8
    I wouldn't have done the mission at all if I knew all 3 were going to die! Lol I had an extra shooter and was going to choose to leave him behind if I ran into trouble
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    Probably, if your survivor is in struggle mode when you decide to run, it defaults to DEATH. Since to SAVE someone, you must get the survivor off of struggling.
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    If you go into a deadly mission, fleeing is not an option (even though you can select it). They all live or they all die.. So keep fighting..
  • HeadhunterHeadhunter Member Posts: 199
    Zin said:

    If you go into a deadly mission, fleeing is not an option (even though you can select it). They all live or they all die.. So keep fighting..

    Best advice I've read on this thread as well as about deadly missions in general.
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    I've experienced my first death of survivors. Was in a high difficult deadly challenge. Got into a struggle with epic hunter. I started to panic. I was able to save her making her heavy injured. But in process I was swarmed and other hunter began to struggle. Saved him using both other survivors turns. Giving him last turn and I was surrounded and would lose all survivors. Since he was only rare. I fled. Sacrificing him. Only lost rare and saved both epics with heavy injuries and saved hunter equipment.
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    my opinion how deadly missions work.

    *can't sacrifice survivors in struggle or all ready dead.
    *if survivor dies from struggle or reaches 0 hp after 1st save. You Have 2 turn to save equipment before finishing mission.
    * fleeing saves all equipment of dead and sacrificed survivors.
    * can't finish mission while survivor in struggle even if all survivors in exit. Unless survivor is saved or dies.
    * if sacrifice a dead or struggling survivor random living one dies instead.

    Think that covers most scenarios.

  • TK-421TK-421 Member Posts: 415
    There is some changes coming to the way this works in version 1.4 so i'll hold off from further explaining the feature until we've released that and you can see the new changes in action. That said, if you're reading this reply while version 1.3 is still the de facto version then @Pnub has it pretty spot on.
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    @TK-421 , many thx for the clarification, and also to @Pnub for putting it together.
    But how are we going to 'find out' how it works in 1.4 ?
    Do we have to sacrifice characters to understand it?
    Or could we convince you to post something along those lines in the release notes... today... ? :smiley:
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    The change we introduced in 1.4 for deadlies is that any survivors in a struggle when you flee are automatically killed, and you don't need to sacrifice anyone additional.
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