Component Hoarde - for those of us that have not Crafted...yet! ya go! My components. Hoarding until epic and legendary pieces are easier to come by. And/or at least, if crafted all say epics or legendary, get the same or better reward. So far it seems there's a 50% chance to get a lower rarity of badge; therefore, in my eyes, wasting components for megre or disappointing reward.

- So, post whatcha hoarding and what goodies found since the update :)
- Will be interesting to see who cracks under the pressure first (probably me!)



  • This was my plan but I cracked a few days in! Now you're really making me regret it, @OneVoice!
  • I havent crafted badges because I'm waiting fr ____ because of ____.
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  • Why not put all your one and two star components together and make a crappy one or two star badge? 7% damage reduction or crit, etc is better than nothing. I'd understand if you were saving green, blue and gold.
  • @jester i get your point. i see a benefit to the badges for sure. i've not quite thought this thread through but yeah, i guess testing my/our resolve.

    I'm waiting for a real incentive to craft.
  • Let us know when you cave.
  • I craft my fragments as soon as I can. I only use the same color components with the fragments, but maybe I can start taking chances with lower level fragments and higher level components. In any event, my components are staking up faster than I can use them. I guess that's a good problem to have.
  • I havent yet started crafting either. With the gas event this past weekend, i did 30 something rounds with just my 6 and 7 star survivors. No doubt i could push them to a bit higher heights with badges, but yeah, I'm the type who tries to accel via the shortest route, so I'm waiting until recipes/patters are confirmed by the community, so that i know best how to proceed.
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    Yeah and to jesters point I'd say personal test and trial would help me formulate my opinion faster than forum opinion. So I have tried and tested and it looks like witchcraft. Sometimes you throw thrse components into the pot and don't get at all what you predicted. For me I am slowing down on forming more until I gather opinions I can test myself. Jury is still out for me on what and how.
  • I dont even need exact recipes. Even if there was general consensus that edibles worked towards health boosts, or cloth to damage reduction, or metals to crit dmg, etc. those would at least be helpful guides. Simply stating 'all outcomes are random' really does not excite me to craft... i know not everyone would feel that way though.
  • @Phalanx44 welcome to the club! Looks like its a small one though with alot of players crafting already, which is kinda good in a way as it helps show patterns. Good point about if specific components helped make specific traits. But it just looks like there's no rhyme or reason...

    ...i dunno you could just for example replace 'cloth' with collecting 'cake' for all the good it would do :D
  • Hey @Carly , would love to know what ' blank _' could be replaced with, or shouldn't i ask?! :) You've got some good components there too. Is the new game mode The Distance enough for you to cave or hold out just because?
  • @tpips42 hello! following your rush of blood to the head are you now hoarding again?

    ... i dunno this topic title is quite flakey, maybe we should welcome those that repent for their sins like the church does :p
  • 1. I haven't crafted any badges yet because of waiting fr it to make sense to me because it doesn't make sense to use all epic components
    and not get epic badge or to use all gold components and not get a gold badge

    2. I haven't crafted any badges yet because of waiting fr sake of waiting because of not feeling urgency to craft a bunch of common/uncommon badges

    3. I haven't crafted any badges yet because of why should I rush when this new feature isn't going to vanish or hve deadline to use?

    4. I haven't crafted any badges yet because of I achieved a new challenge pb without a badge on any of my survivors. (If ur abt to say I could've got an even higher pb, see 1-3 above)

    @OneVoice the two short blanks looking good right abt now, hu? Okay, I'll stop and won't enter reasons 5-100 here.

    I'll play The Distance fr sure cause thr is a sexy forum badge fr those that beat it. Do I expect to beat it first day, week, month? No. Is the new game mode gonna vanish? No. So, I hve time. Let's see hw far I get without a common or rare badge.
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  • > @OneVoice said:
    > @tpips42 hello! following your rush of blood to the head are you now hoarding again?
    > ... i dunno this topic title is quite flakey, maybe we should welcome those that repent for their sins like the church does :p

    Only rare or higher components. I can't completely stop so I craft with common/uncommon hoping I'll magically get a rare badge and my faith in RNG will be restored! No such luck yet. :(
  • @Carly , those reasons were better crafted than, er, the crafting system! Hopefully someone from NG Towers is lurking and will make some changes toot sweet! :)

    - All i'd add is i played the Distance and got to L10. Not great but hard day at the office lol...I wasn't driven enough to cave in and start cratfing to see if could get further but it was tempting though...
  • I must add that even though I've crafted badges, I haven't equipped a single one. And I scored a PR last week during the challenge. :)
  • @tpips42 , you're in! :)

    What was your PB? I kinda think those that are deeply in to this game will craft to a certain extent. Personally I've lost motivation to get high challenge scores because of the low rewards vs time. But thats another story!
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    i got to 12/21 for the distance. i wasn't expecting to beat it. didnt do any badges still. one day...

    Edit: my pb this last challenge ws 1,117
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  • Made it in the 1k club this time with a score of 1015. I just recently upgraded two of my survivors to lvl 21 so that helped...and the 1 min gas! Also, one of my new guild mates convinced me to utilize scouts more and it's changed my whole game!
  • I have not crafted yet. I hesitated to even build the buildings, but I know I'll just handicap myself if I don't try to sort out this new feature.
    I also purchased the small bundle. I wanted the badge fragment in case I was overwhelmed with components I couldn't use.
    Anywho, here is my stash.
  • I crafted one using all common parts just to see what it was about, but I'm going to wait to craft again until I understand better how the different types of components affect the outcome
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