How far did YOU go in The Distance?

I got 13/21. No idea how I can get more past that. Curious how the other end-gamers (who aren't beasts like @Terminates et al) did!

Any solid tips?


  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    I completed 14/21. Wrestler trait is the only way I made it through the last few levels.
    But I've only equipped 1 of the badges I made so far, so I think I can go farther next time if I commit to sticking them on a few survivors.
  • maylifebemaylifebe Member Posts: 58
    I only cleared up to the 6th. My Survivors are level 18 and the 7th Mission has lvl24 Armored walkers.
  • jim73jim73 Member Posts: 6
    I barely made it past level 25 "The Pit" with level 22 legendary 2 pink stars a piece and fully armed with legendary weapons fully upgraded! (Rifle, Hand gun and machineven gun) Still got my ass handed to me! WHAT.A.JOKE. RIDICULOUS !! Why do my weapons deal less damage than in scavenger runs on hard mode!? I've played this game for a long time and know what I'm doing.This is the first time I commented on anything and probably the last. All these people who completed The Distance either has nothing but time to get all the necessary upgrades, badges, (Badge upgrades arec RIDICULES ALSO!) equipment, survivors, etc.etc. or a lot of money or both! Im so livid right now! Ive played this game since almost the beginning and spent a oot money on it! DONE!
  • WhereisHeathWhereisHeath Member Posts: 83
    13/21 i like the concept but its so hard.. This game is getting more Pay 2 win with the last update.. sad ^^ My only motivation is that i love the show.
  • andy75andy75 Member Posts: 262
    Made it 14. Cleared 13 by sacrificing toons with wrestler gear. Took 6 took kill all the armored then a reboot and run with fresh toons.
  • Phalanx44Phalanx44 Member Posts: 285
    13/21 kicked my butt. By the time i got there, i was using my A-team x2, and still only off'd 3 of the target walkers.

    I enjoyed the journey though.

    Guaranteed i wont be spending 400 gold to restart. The rewards up to that point were no better than i could get scavenging. 400 gold could refill my gas tank 8 times, at 27 gas per, or there abouts.. that's no less than 40-45 runs on scavenge. I dont regret spending gas on the initial attempt, but as a source for rare rewards, i think i can do better. (Aaron doesnt exactly thrill me to unlock)
  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,255
    Level 8. I am more interested in the challenge

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  • Tapatio75Tapatio75 Member Posts: 636
    I guess thats it for me

  • thisdoesfinethisdoesfine Member Posts: 360
    With mostly level 16 survivors (2 17) I cleared level 8.
  • DeucesDeuces Member Posts: 55
    12/21 here. Got really hard for me at 10, enjoyed it.
  • thebullthebull Member Posts: 32
    Not as far as the manipulators.
    -The Bull
  • MaebalzurakinMaebalzurakin Member Posts: 50
    I also got stomped in the pit. My A-team is 6 star, almost 7, level 21 with level 5 star level 23 weapons and armor. Assault, Shooter and Hunter. All abilities charged and I face an army of level 25 armored. Shooter does 2x body shot, Hunter Body Shot, Assault Body Shot. Those 4 hits take off about 1/3 of the 1st armored health and there were 20 more behind him. The next round a dozen reinforcements show up. (Dont take ranged into the pit!!!!). Maybe 3x Warriors with max wide arc?
  • MaebalzurakinMaebalzurakin Member Posts: 50
    Does this scale to your level or is the pit always going to be level 25?

    How high do the zombie levels go? I can't imagine fighting levels 30.
  • CrashOutCrashOut Member Posts: 27
    Doesn't Scale. I got to the pit with my level 17 survivors. Cant do nothing against level 25 armoured. Tried running through but got grabbed straight away. That's where I stopped.
  • ZetteZette Member Posts: 416
    i finished 14/21. attempted 15 but was down to last 6 survivors and screen kept acting weird on that mission. i loved the challenge, tho! great job , ng, on something new for us. had a lot of fun today.
  • avelardezavelardez Member Posts: 1,332
    Not far enough
  • ADPaqADPaq Member Posts: 406
    edited September 2017
    10/21 It's just too hard after that.
  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066
  • PigPig Member Posts: 1,870

    Lots of wrestling, but no radio calls.
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  • MrsScattercushionMrsScattercushion Member Posts: 120
    Died right at end of 14/21. No radio calls, but worked out pretty quickly that only way to realistically take down some of the walkers was by wrestling. Have 30 survivors so ran out of options.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    14/21 still 13 survivors left but no wrestler armour ;(
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  • DjinnDjinn Member Posts: 168
    I liked the new game mode, but gets hard very quickly. Definiately something to work on.

    But in my opinion the better rewards should be spread out more over the maps. The players that needs it the most won't get that far to get the better rewards. (epic components) for example.

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  • TheCrabTheCrab Member Posts: 88
    I finished 13/21 ten survivors dead and three heavy injured
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  • KudukKuduk Member Posts: 99

    Only 12 survivors left.

    Never use wrestling trait because i dont have it at the moment.

    Stopped playing the Distance once i lost my A team. It is really ridiculous and almost impossible to go to the end against very high level walkers.
  • FireDragonFireDragon Member Posts: 44
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