A Legendary with full Legendary gear

thecoltythecolty Member Posts: 152
He's shiny!
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  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,019
    Looks great! How far along in the game were you before you got him? I save my walkie talkies and call survivors whenever I enter a new episode, but so far the best I've done is rares. :-(
  • thecoltythecolty Member Posts: 152
    Just got him last night. I'm halfway through episode 9. I too thought about saving them but now use them as soon as I get 'em. I just wish it was a hunter or shooter...
    Currently <51st in Global Top Players
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,019
    I hear ya! I'm dying for another rare hunter to replace one I lost on a deadly mission (I got cocky... ugh... still kicking myself). I'd freak out if I got an epic or legendary one!
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    O man so jelly bruisers are my fav too!!! Grats
  • insidethesuninsidethesun Member Posts: 14
    My legendary is a Warrior. Took til about episode 8 or 9 before I found em.
  • thecoltythecolty Member Posts: 152
    Currently <51st in Global Top Players
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    Possible.. Got bugged with a Legendary Monica Warrior... QQ
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    Sweet. I favour shooters for missions but go with bruisers for challenges.
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    Does higher level Radio tower guarantee a high star survivors?
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    Absolutely looks like Gordon Freeman.
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