Acquire badge materials with crates

There should be some offerings for acquiring materials and badge fragments with crates. The gold purchase options are way too much. I don't have the gold to even think about them.


  • Agreed. The gold cost is just silly. Captures the front end of demand, where there is more indifference to cost, but that's a limited market.

    Or, in economic terms, NG is extracting greater consumer surplus by taking advantage of those with higher price inelasticity of demand, although that is not a long run point of market equilibrium.

    In other words, in a few weeks, they will have milked people with gold to burn for all they're worth. They'll have to offer alternate means to buy them - a form of price cut.

    But once the new season begins again, maybe they're going to be swimming in cash and they'll just leave them overpriced. That would be a mistake.
  • DLich said:

    2.7 was released 8 days ago. I've found 2 badge fragments. It's insane how rarely my account finds them. It's laughable

    You need to upgrade your lucky trait :p
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  • This is the main reason I complained that the round passes take away the possibility of opening like 100+ crates. I have only got 1 fragment and 4 components so far this challenge, last week I got like 15. People keep stressing that you get more rewards but it's just trade goods, who cares unless they start putting fragments and components in the TG shop.
  • Not had 1 single badge fragment so far and I have bought 24 hour gas a couple of times and played a few hundred missions. ☹️
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