What is the point of this game? It has no end!

I used to enjoy this game until they came out with the new challenge called "the distance". I assumed that the survivor training and the equipment upgrades were put in the game so that the player could eventually get skillful enough to conquer the game. But after seeing the distance, I now realize that there is no end to the game, as the zombies never stop getting stronger, so there is no actual point to the game. How exactly do they justify the zombies just getting stronger and stronger, yet zombies do not have the capability to train nor do they have any equipment to upgrade. So, all of our buying of equipment and paying for upgrades and training is meaningless since the zombies are upgraded at the same pace as our survivors. It would make much more sense to have the zombies at a set power capability, and just add more zombies as the player levels up. I would find it more fun and rewarding to have to kill more zombies after leveling up, than to have the same number of zombies with ridiculous super powers!

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    It has no end, they will reset all your progress at the end of game :lol

    Just my naughty thought

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    Of course if you disagree with that there's clearly something wrong.
    LOL! :p
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