Question: How do I give gifts to my guild (not gold)

littlemumlittlemum Member Posts: 6
I just received a gift of equipment from one of the other elders in my guild. I didn't know you could do this. Can someone tell me how??

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  • MonsutaMonsuta Member Posts: 1,168
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    Just press the button which you pressed to received the gift earlier from your guild page, you need 400 gold to buy the gift to all your guild mate.
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
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    The gift is random though. You gave 0 influence on the result.

    It can be anything from xp to supplies to gear to gold etc... And of varying levels too. From common to legendary. Though the latter is extremely rare.
  • littlemumlittlemum Member Posts: 6
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    Thanks guys! I thought if I gave gifts it would be good, thanks for clarifying
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