what scares u?

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I recently saw (in the daytime with the lights on cause that’s how I roll) the 2017 remake of the movie It, based on story by the master of horror Stephen King. I won’t offer any movie spoilers (cause that’s just wrong) but it made me think to ask…what scares u?

Anyone brave to confess her/his phobia, whether serious or comical?

I’ll start…

What scares me is when I hear someone say my name, I turn and no one is there. That just confirms the fact that the voices in my head are becoming stronger and will one day take over.

What scares me is when I walk into a spider web face first. I feel the web clinging to me. Where did that spider go, I know its on me somewhere. Just how big was that spider?

What scares me is that I will post on the forum and no one will respond or it’ll be followed up with 16 disagrees
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    What scares me is hot metal. I always ask my GF to take stuff out of the oven. Im cool with fire..
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    100% agree with you @THCross and thanks!

    @RonfoxTV can i ask what happen to make u scared of hot metal? if NSFW nevermind

    i feel bad i laughed on butterflies @Fragzie . i now realize i shouldn't make light of ur fear of them going all flappy, flappy, but the visual is funny fr reals
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    I have buddleia in the garden @Carly and let butterflies hibernate in the house when they turn up.

    Land on my arm, land on my leg, you can even land on top of my head.

    Just don't flap in my face!!!
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    > @Carly said:
    > @RonfoxTV can i ask what happen to make u scared of hot metal? if NSFW nevermind

    No real reason.. just afraid of getting burned when I touch it..
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    What happens next....
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    There has been alot of short lived duplicate accounts lately I'm sure it those voices in ppls head, Note: Mod edit.
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    A bot planet.

    You don't say ;)
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    This just happened, because I always tell the truth, even when I lie (who said that?)

    I was riding my horse on the way to rehearsal with my new band, The Bots, new all-girl band, soon to be feared all over the planet. I play lead guitar. So I had my six-string strapped across my shoulder for my journey.

    Since today so sunny and nice, I thought take short cut thru woods, lots of butterflies dancing on flowers in bloom and low-hanging vines. Well Flappy, my horse, strolled right under one of those low vines. I guess something spooked or got on her cause Flappy commenced to shaking her head and twitching her ears.

    Flappy eventually settled and was doing well, until we came upon a field. Well, that field had an old cemetery. Flappy bucked me and I knew I was gonna fall. To prepare for impact from so high up, I reach around to grab my guitar. Well, the steel strings heated in the sun and burnt my hand. I landed hard right in the middle of an open grave! Why was that grave open, I don’t know, weird? I was not prepared at all for this. What a day… :/

    Something told me to stay home today and read a good book, but I didn’t listen. :|
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    TJS said:

    Opening a thread created by @capibara

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