No opportunity to view videos

After I unlock my three reward crates, I haven’t had a single opportunity to view a video to unlock three more. This has been happening all morning and for several challenge missions. This hasn’t been an intermittent issue. It’s been every single time. I have closed and reopened the game several times but it hasn’t helped. I turned off my iPad and then opened the game, but that did not help either.


  • David_H79David_H79 Member Posts: 1,866
    Try to go in your iOS settings app in privacy -> ads and enable and disable ad tracking
  • SmokeandMirrorsSmokeandMirrors Member Posts: 359
    Thank you! That fixed it.
  • Phalanx44Phalanx44 Member Posts: 263
    @David_H79 same problem here, android device, Samsung Galaxy S7. Recommended fix? (Hopefully it stops short of having to delete and reinstall..)

    The post-mission ad option displays, but then disappears immediately after selecting it, leaving only the crates for 25 gold option. No credit given since the ad never loaded.
  • David_H79David_H79 Member Posts: 1,866
    For Android I am not 100% sure.
    Did you tried to clear the cache?
    I wouldn’t recommend delete and reinstall, at least make sure your game is saved.
    Maybe @zbot has a tip for Android.
  • David_H79David_H79 Member Posts: 1,866
    @Phalanx44 see my comment above, I have forgotten to mention you. :)
  • Phalanx44Phalanx44 Member Posts: 263
    Indeed i did clear the cache. Now, instead of losing the ad, the game crashes. Ha. But I'm finding that the time it takes to reload is less than actually watching the ad, and i still get credited for watching, because i still get my 3 free crates! Not fixed, but "better" than before, i suppose.
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 6,673

    Reset your Android advertising ID

    Step 1: Open Google Settings on your Android device by tapping on menu and then on Google Settings once all apps are displayed on the screen.

    Step 2: Locate and tap on the Ads menu under Services.

    Step 3: Tap on "reset advertising ID" on the new page. The page lists the current advertising ID on the same page.

    Step 4: Confirm the reset when the confirmation prompt is displayed. Once you reset the advertising ID, a new ID is displayed immediately on the same page. Since a new ID is assigned now, advertisers cannot link past actions anymore to the device if only the advertising ID was used for that.

    Not as simple as iOS but should work.
  • Phalanx44Phalanx44 Member Posts: 263
    Thanks @zbot . I'll give it a try and see if the problem resolves.
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