Stay survivor lv 14 for awhile and get badges or lv up?

My council is at 15 and I'm about to put down the craftsman building. Should I keep my survivors at Lv 14 and get a bunch of badges before leveling up to 15 so my guys are a badass lv 14? Or just lv up my training center after I put down the craftsman building and lv up my guys?


  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    Just lvl up. Use ur lvl for ur advantage, cause as endgamer, you´ll not get future equip, while you can get it now. Keep any fair leg/epic equip that is (way) above your lvl, you´ll need it. There is no need to hurry with lvling up, but it is not a good idea to stop on lvl14 survs for long. At that stage, I was doing(more or less) 2 lvls jumps with one set of gear, you´ll need more once you get to lvl20(if you want to saty competitive in challenges), but it not that hurt now, to have bit outdated gear.
  • OvergrowdaworldOvergrowdaworld Member Posts: 479
    Thank you both. I will keep leveling up. On a side note, Just got a 3 star, lvl 6 bruiser with retaliate, punish, and ruthless. That's the guy I needed for my outpost. Very happy about this bruisers initial traits. Canned a good shooter for it that I spent a lot of tokens on getting him to 4 star. But I don't really use shooters much. I like my hunters and assault team.
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