Who to equip with my first badges ?

Hello everyone :)

Here it is, i crafted my first 2 badges today. One that increase health, the other damages.
I was wondering who to equip them with.
In fact I have 2 options :
- option 1 : put them on the Governor. As I use him almost all the time for his leader bonus to improve loots, he would benefit from the bonus all the time which will make him almost viable (because today he is just bad)
- option 2 : put it on my best character, who is a warrior. Good thing is that it's a close combat salade dealer so will benefit widely from the health bonus and other good thing is that with this boost i am sure to use him all the time. He will become awesome !

What are your thoughts ?

Thanks in advance :)


  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,271
    Close combat salad dealer cracked me up :smiley:. But of those two, do either struggle doing enough damage? I have a lot of my damage badges on my assaults to make up for their low attach power and it's paying off
  • TetatorTetator Member Posts: 47
    So indeed I added the 2 badges to the Governor. He moved from 650 damage to 1000 (so +50% roughly) and jumped in health also. At the end he one shoot every single normal walker up to his level +2. This helps keep the Governor in my team whatever the level I'm doing.
    So definitely a good choice :)

    A good point to note is that badges work in absolute value. So a +350 damage badge will have more relative impact on an assault that is at 650 than on a scoot for instance that is already at 1100
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