Supplies Becoming Virtually Obsolete

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I know there's been some talk regarding this but I think it's time a permanent change is made.

Many players have maxed out their supplies.
The only use for supplies is then to craft badges but as soon as a badge or few is crafted there's more than enough supplies to max out again immediately.

This makes supplies basically useless. We are collecting supplies in early challenge missions and in those missions crates which are completely un-collectible.

Again this takes away one of the features of the game for many players. Thus it could be considered unfair for those players whom have worked hard to build up their camp buildings.

Something needs to be introduced where players that have maxed out supplies can use and collect supplies just like any player, other than the crafting of an occasional badge.

An obvious solution would be to have supplies for trade as a permanent option or even as a once a week feature.
Something like TG Tuesday, how about a Supplies for Trade Sunday??

If anyone else has any other ideas please add them to this thread.

( @David_H79 if you could kindly move this to suggested ideas. For some reason I'm unable to post it there. )
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