WTH? Crafting Is AWFUL!

I used all legendary components and a legendary badge just to get a rare badge?

That really sucks. Why not just get rid of the crafting and have the completed badges randomly appear in crates? What is the point of wasting time and effort collecting components and crafting badges that end up worthless?

Its really a stupid update to game. It does nothing but add to frustrations. Between this and the lag from fire animations, I'm ready to dump the game after playing every day for nine months.


  • dmar310dmar310 Member Posts: 83
    Nope, I used all legendary and got a crappy rare item.

    I saved up all the legendary components just to try and create a legendary badge. What a waste that was.
  • NG_SamNG_Sam Staff Posts: 544
    Hey, please contact our support team in game using the cog in the top right corner and they can have a look for you. Like the other comments here say, it should not be possible to craft a rare badge from all legendary components.
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  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
    Respect the Crunchwrap Supreme! :) It may just save your survivor's behind!
  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    I'm with him on the lagging though.
    I set a personal best on this challenge (with it being 1 minutes refills) but only cos another guild member was trying to be the first in our guild to crack 1,000 but, boy, was it frustrating!!!!!!! Otherwise I'd have stopped at the 920 box.
    As it was, we both are on 1017 and have decided to call it as a tie.
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  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    > @Mack105 said:
    > Dmar310,
    > Is it possible that you received an Epic or Legendary badge that was showing 3 stars? Example attached.

    It's a visual glitch which has been reported.
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  • dmar310dmar310 Member Posts: 83
    Mack105 said:


    Is it possible that you received an Epic or Legendary badge that was showing 3 stars? Example attached.

    Yes, that is totally possible. I feel better if its just a glitch, but still a little peeved about the downgrade. All legendary components and badge part should result in a legendary. I can understand if you mix components and the result is the lowest of the components, but it shouldn't happen with all same.

    Thanks for the image. That makes more sense.
  • dmar310dmar310 Member Posts: 83
    Mabiki said:

    I think the OP most likely had an epic piece or two involved. But in any case, calling rare badges "worthless" is a bit off. Badges aren't like regular gear when it comes to rarity and value. Even the common ones are useful. I have a few uncommon that are great. Rare or above and i am dancing in the streets, and my survivors are chewing bubble gum and kicking ass. And @Guapo ate all the bubble gum.

    Yes, I was pissed off and may have overstated a bit. All the badges can be useful. But it took me a while to collect all the legendary components and I was expecting my first really great badge. It's hard enough finding all the legendary components but now the odds seem to be against making a legendary badge.

    The lag is bad enough. Constantly getting screwed out of decent badges is making this game even less enjoyable.
  • AlexFiliUKAlexFiliUK Member Posts: 167
    I used all Legendary and got a Legendary Badge
  • paintbeastpaintbeast Member Posts: 1,188
    > @AlexFiliUK said:
    > I used all Legendary and got a Legendary Badge

    Now that, folks, is a unicorn.
  • SmittySpivey3SmittySpivey3 Member Posts: 324
    @dmar310 I recommend you avoid the 'pics or it didn't happen' culture of this board and use mobizen app to vid your transaction. One because crafting is still new enough to have bugs and two because support seems willing to open a ticket and reimburse somehow. Great to see you using the forums to help the community to awareness of any failure of faith and expectation. We want this experience to move you and all of us forward in our investment.
    We love this game. I'm sure it will be right when its resolved for you.
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