hacker in the game?(3000 stars)

This is possible? or cheater???



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    Possibly a glitch over a hacker
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    The wave of bans is coming, brace yourself..
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    I have seen scores over 2k. People are beating the distance too where the walkers are level 41.

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    @Fearofabotplanet @Teeceezy @Shteevie Is this score legit?
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    Getting over 2k is different than 3k the best of the best get slightly over 2k that person would have lvl 20 survivors (judging by camp lvl) so 3k seems fishy?? But I'm guessing it's a troll rather than cheating, if you cheated surely you wouldn't advertise it. I'm not anywhere near the best at the game and I've completed the distance
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    @Captainslayer Change your phone language into Argentina's Spanish, then you can see this:

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    I agree with your statement but should these questions be made on the forum?
    It would seem to me it's breaking multiple rules of the forum posting such a post. If that was my profile or guild, I would not be happy.
    To join the forum just to post this seems wrong. Just my opinion.
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    TJS, you are correct. Rule #7 does say 'No posting of personal information of any kind. No doxxing. No witch hunts.'. Maybe this falls into the witch hunt category, so I'll close it down. We will look into it, and we do appreciate the vigilance, but a PM might be a better way or reporting such things in future - thanks everyone :)
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