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  • VladoIIVladoII Member Posts: 98
    Thank you NG for the next update. I assume this will also be a good upgrade.

    I suggest to create some new buildings also. And it's better for us to put some new characters like: Beth, Hershel and Shane.

    Make the game more detailed and deeper.

    And also please fix lagging the game when burning walkers come out.
    I am using Octa Core Processor on my phone and on my Tablet, so believe me this is provoked from the game, not from the devices.

    Keep up the good work!
  • BrassBBrassB Member Posts: 44
    I'm not an end gamer, so the addition of new traits on weapons and a new end level sounds interesting. The major concern that I have is nerfing existing traits. Instead of destroying Wrestler and weakening Stun-Resist as well as character's Luck, NG could easily fix the problem of players beating their "impossible" Distance by freezing weapon and armor changes. If you can attach a health meter for the duration of the mini game, I'm sure you can disable armor and weapon changes for the same mini game. That way only great end gamers who have multiple upgraded sets have a chance to complete in the Distance, and it would be as intended for the mass public.

    P.S. - I lost something special a few months ago, maybe someone has seen it.... Radio Event anyone?
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 638
    after months grinding for Gears, XP and upgrading Survivors. and just bought the Special bundle yesterday..... Gone $$$ Gone..this never ends. Please listen to players NG
  • paintbeastpaintbeast Member Posts: 1,188
    One more thing to point out before everyone starts using up supplies to get lvl 23 (with no possibility to get new traits) base gear:

    Not only will we have a Council, Training Ground and Workshop to upgrade, we will also have a 3rd tent to build and upgrade to lvl 10.
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,999
    @TransmuteJun Agreed. I mean I'm not maxed out, I'm fully upgraded and currently collecting gear to move up towards 21/22 but I think people are looking at the negatives. You can upgrade your survivors a further level and likely be able to push further in the distance and in the challenge without it affecting your starting level/star count. You'll be getting what, 100* more from the challenge rework and probably another 100* from having higher levelled survivors.
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 638
    im with you. feels like Ripped of by my most beloved game developer
  • MonsutaMonsuta Member Posts: 1,168
    edited October 2017
    @Mack105 They compensate that by giving a max player extra RSL 14, 2 RSL 19 & 2 RSL 20 rounds that worth 182 stars. That's 3640 stars for guild reward.

    Edit: typo
  • Bill_ZRTBill_ZRT Member Posts: 1,421
    JayZ said:

    @Bill_ZRT Remember when you called me a sucker for buying that special weapons bundle this past weekend? Feeling pretty shitty this morning. Good thing I haven't upgraded my two other soon-to-be-obsolete pieces of gear, yet.

    This sucks for the people who bought these bundles. Council upgrades just happen too fast for me to consider buying these at their current cost, but I have to admit that I'm tempted when bundles with great or unique stats are offered (spear, morgan's staff, etc).

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  • avelardezavelardez Member Posts: 1,320
    RIP wrestler trait w/LLS lol.

  • ChingiscaChingisca Member Posts: 63
    Beth Greene in game
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