Unbalance I've noticed

I hope this is viewed as intended as what I deem imbalance's in this game. First off DEAD walkers having so much more health than those living. I understand it's to make it challenging but when you add that after a certain lvl we can only bodyshot them their over health becomes a 3-4 round challenge to overcome, and that with all 3 survivors taking a shot/swing so that's 9-12 or more hits to drop them. Secondly they get an attack AND overwatch on same turn. I've seen it on more than one occasion heck trying to grab a few more stars this morning before challenge ended I had a walker break a stun on my turn to attack as I went by. Hell I stunned them so I could go by. Thirdly but not last but last for this post freemen why do they get the same attack overwatch bonus as the walkers and also co e out of the gate fully charged fir bonus attack. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has noticed these issues so please feel free to post your observations and let's discuss this in an open forum fir the devs to see.


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    Sorry but that post was a little confusing.

    The problems with freeman getting extra attacks or seeming endless numbers of tiles to move etc has been bought up millions of times and the devs have to know by now. It is now a matter of the devs executing some action plan to fix the freeman.
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    What's confusing??? I'll try and explain better if I can.
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    Walkers don't get overwatch or are you talking about the freeman or if you are talking about walkers then that's a free attack and not overwatch? If you are talking about the free attack well that's why they call it a free attack.

    Or this statement is confusing:

    " thirdly but not last but last for this post freemen why do they get the same attack overwatch bonus as the walkers and also co e out of the gate fully charged fir bonus attack"

    A couple of other things and I'm not saying any of this to make fun of you but for clarity.
  • S_I_NS_I_N Member Posts: 19
    Ok free attack or overwatch lol what I mean is they attack on their turn then as I go by they get the free attack.

    As far as freemen go they don’t have to kill xx walkers to charge up. They have it from start plus the free attack. I’ve had a hunter freeman shot me in their turn I move and they shot me again.
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    Walkers have always had the ability to attack if you try to run past them. It is why the line turns red instead of green or blue.

    I have also had a hunter appear to shoot one of my survivors twice. I don't know if the glitch is with the freemen or fight mechanics. I have had several instances where the game altogether skips the animation of a survivors turn and goes straight to the walker/freemen turn. The only way I knew my action had gone through was the change to the enemy health bar.

    On that note I join the rank of players wishing NG would work the many bugs out of the content they have instead of dreaming up things that add more glitches.
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    As painful as it will be, I may have to test playing at 1x speed instead of 2x and see if these glitches and lags are as prominent.
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    I know about the free attack and understand it. What I feel is unbalanced is the fact they can attack on their turn which should negate a free attack, and the get their free attack on my turn. Heck that’s not an option for us. And when we hit higher lvl walkers it can mean the difference in completing the mission/challenge or failing. Espically when they hit so dang hard and have so much more health than we do at higher lvls. But that’s a whole different unbalance I’ve yet to speak on lol.
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