Update 2.8: Balancing & Changes

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Hey guys,

We've received a lot of feedback from the community that you would like changes to the game communicated ahead of time; the following is exactly that. Some of these changes will come into effect when Update 2.8 is released, and some are going to happen now, to give you a head start on the changes that 2.8 brings. (NOTE: These are not the full Update Notes for 2.8.

Challenge Rebalancing
This is probably the most requested change that we've had in recent memory. We love how ambitious players who partake in the weekly Challenges are, and it hasn't sat right with us that upgrading your survivors to their maximum level and being able to earn the highest possible amount of Challenge Stars have not gone hand in hand. So from update 2.8 onwards:

Starting Difficulty and Difficulty progression will still be based on the levels of your survivors as before, but all survivors of level 20 and higher are considered equal for the purposes of calculating the Starting Difficulty and Difficulty progression of the Challenges.

Players with three of more survivors of Level 20 or greater will play Challenges with the following details:

Starting Difficulty: 14
Single rounds for difficulties 14 through 18.
Three rounds per difficulty from Difficulty 19 through 29.
Four rounds per difficulty for the remainder of the Challenge.
Players will still be able to collect Round Passes for every 5 Rounds that they complete.

An important note here is that this is a temporary change that will be in place until at least the end of the year. We have planned additional changes to the system that will accommodate the long term growth of your survivors and teams, without reintroducing the issues we have seen since 2.4 was released. When those changes are ready, you will hear about them before they go live.

The Wrestler Armour Trait
The Wrestler trait has been the center of a lot of discussion lately, as it has been in the past. We’re continuing to watch the way Traits are used to make sure that there is no single “must-have” trait for any game mode. Also, when imbalances in the game appear, we want to make the fewest changes that has the potential to restore that balance.

As of 2.8, the Wrestler Trait will receive new functionality, as described here:
"This survivor automatically attacks any walker it struggles with each turn, dealing 40% of normal attack damage." [Silver: 65%; Gold: 95%].

This change means that the Wrestler Trait will still be effective against walkers of a levels greater than your survivors, but will not be able to automatically kill any level of walker, regardless of level. This attack will ignore body shot calculations, meaning that in some cases, you can deal more damage with Wrestler than you could with a normal attack.
Additionally, increasing the power of your characters with Badges and Equipment will have a similar effect on the damage dealt by the Wrestler Trait.

Other Changes

Council Level Increase
Players at Council Level 21 and Camp Level 63 will be able to upgrade their to Council to Level 22. The new maximum Survivor Level will be 23, and Level 23 Weapons and Armor can be upgraded to Level 26.

Based on feedback from the community, we’ll be adding the new Level 23 equipment to the game before the Council Level update happens. From the time this announcement is published, you'll be able to find level 23 equipment in the following places: Challenge Reward Crates, Epic and Legendary Gear Crates in the Trade Good Shop (from the TG Shop at Camp Level 67 - the highest current level), as well as in the Bundle Shop.

Starting on October 6th and running until 2.8 there will be a Supplies for Gear Event in the Trade Good Shop, where you’ll also be able to find level 23 gear.

New Traits
We’re also adding several new Equipment Traits in 2.8, so many new combinations of traits on your gear will be available soon:

Weapon Trait: Double Tap. Shooters will have a powerful new Trait for managing crowds of walkers or tough human enemies.
Armor Traits: Sniper Harness, Training Gear, and Hazard Suit. These traits will have a variety of effects, increase your damage output, damage resistance, and the speed at which you can train your survivors.

Stun Resistance
As with other traits that have has the possibility to achieve a greater activation chance than was originally intended, we are applying a maximum chance ‘cap’ to Stun Resistance. When 2.8 releases, the maximum amount of Stun Resistance available for a Survivor will be 75%. This way, you can get the maximum benefit with the Gold Equipment Trait, and do not also need Luck to have the best possible stun Resistance.
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