Roll Call

Who has been here since deadly missions existed, where you actually lost your survivor forever if they died?


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    1100 missions that have been wiped from the history of misery and frustration know as the game no man's land
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    Keep it going guys
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    Since day 1!
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    Me +1
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    Been there, done that.

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    I remember
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    + 1
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    Someone at NG will probably read this thread and think people want the deadly missions to come back but only in the distance.

    I read an article that said when AMC was trying to decide who to award the game to NG had pitched the idea of deadly missions and that was one of the things that caused Greg Nicotero to go with NG. NG has a track record of promising one think and delivering another.
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    I have detailed files. B)
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    I lost 2, both looked a bit like frogs. I didn't try to kill the least attractive ones they were just the bravest.
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    Me! #neverforget

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    +1 What a rush!
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    @Japes87 did you return ?
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    Gone but never forgotten.
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    R.I.P. Betty, Mickey, and Mike. - my original A-team. Lost in a drunken lapse in judgment on Into The Woods
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    +1. Back then I knew when to stop and my memorial is empty.
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    +1 The good ol' days, was very careful back then.

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    +1 bring back deadlies!
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    @JackBauer no game Japes is dead , I sure miss the people though. Through all the crazy , this game still has the best community I've ever seen
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    yup, though never lost anyone.
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