Sick and tired of the grind...

First of all...I never played a paying (over and over) game before.

I used to buy a game for a fixed price and played it. Until I got a old Samsung mobile from my mum.

I´m a huge fan of the tv show and found this game at the playstore. And installed it. That was 18 months ago. This was the end of my healthy gaming habits.

From that point I played the whole day...grinding to evolve. Shooting walkers to get XP, to level up almost everything I could level up.

I collected radios to call survivors in hope a legendary showing up. Sometimes lucky, sometimes not. At this time the number of traits where around 5-7.

Later on the 5+ survivors were introduced and I was hunting not only for XP, supplies, weapons and radios, but also for tokens.

Next addition to the grind were the hero tokens. Some are useful...most are not.

Now NG introduced the badges...nothing new, except of another piece to grind for...


Hunting for weapons to get hunted by the next upgrade to make every leveled weapon obsolete makes me tired.

Hunting for XP to level all this stuff makes me investing the time to level up the stuff as well.

Just to get a kick in the butt when you´re got back into the line results in a pain in my ass.

Make progress --> progress gets sucked by update --> start over.

Every time again.


Playing in a top 10 guild as a f2p player insults not in fun (which a game should be all about...), but in very hard work.

Seeing players with level 20 survivors being able to reach 1450 stars, while I´m being punished to level up to 22 makes me angry.

Being punished that way resulted in making progress the slow way. After doing the step to level more then 2 survs to 22 and level some sets of 22 gear to 25, there comes the next council upgrade and again...everything becomes obsolete :neutral:


I´m sick of it...and I´m not able to delete this game because of all the effort I put into it.


This whole game is way out of balance.



[ ] delete
[ ] go ahead
[ ] take a break
[ ] take a kitkat


Eat, sleep, grind, repeat.


Just some drunken thoughts...



  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066
    SCBMA said:

    You can't leave us :'(

    Serve me some arguments to stay :smiley:
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    But seriously, I understand where you're coming from and we've probably all been there atleast once.

    @SCBMA said is good advice.

    Try not to focus all your attention to the game for a while and before you know be missing it more than hating it.

    It's definitely a huge time consuming game and I think we all need to step away for a little from time to time.

    Stick in there! :smile:
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  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,741

    No advice. I, and others, feel your pain. I've been at it for two years.
  • shaunatthepubshaunatthepub Member Posts: 42
    In a nutshell, grinding is the game. The story has never been more than a sliver of the whole. Reminiscing would be better accomplished by watching old episodes, rather than playing episode missions. Those are just more grinding the same maps repeatedly for prizes. The challenge is a six map version of Groundhogs Day. Give the distance time, and we'll all be used to those maps too.
    If you've gotten to the point that repetitive grinding is more a chore that you hate, it may be time to take a vacation. Then decide whether or not to assume another identity and flee NML country for good.
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    I totally agree with you @Invader
    It's simply impossible to stay optimistic for this game's future.
    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing the walking dead no man's land." (qtn. from George B. Shaw)
  • JackBauerJackBauer Member Posts: 1,550
    [x ] take a break
    Remember to use your charge abilities
  • LootHoarderLootHoarder Member Posts: 107
    @Invader everything in this world is worse than crystal meth except for hospital grade morphine.

    I recommend doing what i do. Let your stars slip off the leaderboards til yiure so far down it no longer is viable to return to form (we've spoken about the old guard individual leaderboards and lack of cycle style time before), slip into the world of the casual player, close wallets and simply refuse to click on that video ad button regardless if you are the special diamond horn-studded unicorn that receives a "jackpot" on one of the disappointing days of birthday celebration, give up on hoping for balanced gameplay and just log in from time to time when you should be working and play on your company's dollar (unless you are self employed in which case play while in the wc like everyone else claims not to cause ewwwwws).

    Now to add some legitimate suggestions for ng so that when they drop a bannhammer i can pout with righteous indignation:

    Ng the things that you could do to fix player malaise are (but are not simply limited to):

    - take some time to create new and creative events which aid players of all camp ages and playstyles rather than recycling the same tired old ones that are the few remaining historical events that havent been permanently removed. Ill happily suggest a few if you're fresh out.

    - add rolling leaderboards in addition to the current leaderboards for individuals. If all you care about are whales (and your leaderboard choices suggest this is true), then nonwhales have no reason to participate in challenges other than the meagre rewards given arbitrarily regardless of how far you progress into the challenge.

    - actually reduce grind. Guess what? Round passes didnt really do that now did they? They were sounding so juicy unitl you realized you had to grind just as hard to then be able to start at a place where you didnt have to grind as hard to then grind hard to then... yeah. If leaderboards dont matter for individuals because a player who joined today can never ever be on them, then why dont you just let them start at whatever rsl they want up to their highest surv lvl? Really folks. We dont have any new story content and there are a lotta folk like me that dont even bother with outposts (which are even more of a nonsense grind) and just coast along blissfully at 4k and get their paltry rewards for free at the end of each cycle and dont have to play a single round.

    - actually advertise your upcoming events in such a fashion that is clear, transparent and easily availble to all players. Theres a post from i believe @Fearofabotplanet which stated that ng doesnt want people to have all the info that they could have easily told them but could get if they went to the forum and looked at the stuff they outsource to content creators to post there and specifically there of their info which they provide to those content creators and then expect to diseminate to the user base... wait a sec... coildnt we simply eliminate the middle men and just have the info in the in game news?!?!? Oh wait... when they have too much to say they do what.... link to the forummmmmmm! Yes good answer thanks for paying attention i knew someone was still with me thank you sir there will be a prize for you at the door when we leave.

    There are plenty more suggestions just littering the forums. Written in far fewer words and for those with shorter attention spans. Written by those who love the game and really really don't want to stop playing regardless of how much they hate playing now as compared to back in the before time... in the long, long ago. Listen to them. They are your fans. They are your incomes. They are the only ones making this community what it is.

    Now for those of you who who might have managed to make it here with me i thank you and hope to see you again one day when they release me from my chains. Odds are they read the first two lines, delete my post and ban me.

    Either way for those few folk, you are the reason why i still occasionally play... when i am on the company dime, in the wc, and when i indulge in anything worse this world has to offer.

    Loothoarder, elder of Gas Guzzlers
  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732

    Now for those of you who who might have managed to make it here with me i thank you and hope to see you again one day when they release me from my chains. Odds are they read the first two lines, delete my post and ban me.

    Either way for those few folk, you are the reason why i still occasionally play... when i am on the company dime, in the wc, and when i indulge in anything worse this world has to offer.

    Loothoarder, elder of Gas Guzzlers

    I agree with most of your suggestions, and I read to the end - where is my prize?

    But if you think posts like that are what people get banned for, you haven't been paying attention; it has more to do with swearing at admins, calling them names, and then continuing to do so after you get the obligatory 2 warnings and the jail bars avatar.

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    This game Keep me fxxking busy
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