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    @Capleton thanks for informing us.

    @WorstUpdateEver do you honestly think forum staff can influence what rewards players get from missions? :|
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    lvl5 human didnt die from critr this is just great
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    U can stun them with bruiser. Maybe this is the point to use the useless bruiser
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    Everyone's crying because a game is too hard. Suck it up and level up to do better. That's how all rpgs are. Quit whining, spend some gold and get stars. Support the developers and add gold with the incredible bundle values.
  • NieGoleBobraNieGoleBobra Member Posts: 27
    Teeceezy said:

    @Capleton thanks for informing us.

    @WorstUpdateEver do you honestly think forum staff can influence what rewards players get from missions? :|

    sorry for asking @Teeceezy but you are not checking the updates before you lunch them??? so this is a open Beta??? and we are testing this game for free????
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    Weasel007 said:

    U can stun them with bruiser. Maybe this is the point to use the useless bruiser

    i got rid of all mine lmao anyone got a spare one i can borrow ? hahah
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    Alright.Settle the fuck down.If ya not in a good guild-you're a bitch and prob crying now here.

    So what-they throw us a loop.

    Fuck it.Drive on.

    No crying,whining or complaining is permitted.

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    This has to be a mistake, lvl 13 great gear team cant kill a human in one shot on level 1, AND a level 1 Warrior almost one shot my level 13, like wtf?????
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    Shattap @Teeceezy

    I was talking.Dont ever Interupt me again.
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    Neil_J said:

    Didn't we say we wanted more of a challenge?
    Well, now we've got one. Need to use less blunt force and more tic-tacs!

    They do say, Be careful what you wish for......

    Nicely said :D

    “Simply put, there’s a vast ocean of shit you people don’t know shit about. Rick knows every fine grain of said shit, and then some.”

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    Bite, chew, swallow, repeat....when you are handed said shit
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    Picked up a legendary metal pipe as a reward. Worth 7k exp :)
  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    Man up.Quit crying.

    I swear there are no men on here.
  • fredfreddyfredfreddy Member Posts: 13
    just something new to get used to... in the "bleeding explained" post they mention that it's effectively a 2nd health bar, so it is not possible to one-shot kill a human.
  • lobofettlobofett Member Posts: 15
    Just take everything slow, utilize your overwatch as much as possible, make sure when going around corners and revealing shadows you always have at least 2 moves left to deal with a survivor hiding.
  • AdamantiumAdamantium Member Posts: 77
    BigOleTDs said:

    lol. Someone please find the feedback on the forum where we asked for 2 challenges a week at decreased gas and higher difficulty? also someone please find where we asked for human enemies to be 100X stronger than the walkers and require 2 hits to kill on level 3?

    "we are listening...."

  • Guys, try to be positive, I also tried, here is what I can say about the new challenge:
    The game is ruined, if this stays so, then I quit. (2 shots for enemy humans, lvl3 enemy humans deal serious dmg to lvl15 chars, 2 events per week --> everything is a mess)
  • RicKReaPerRicKReaPer Member Posts: 48
    All i can say is take out the Bruiser first, really makes it a lot easier :smiley:
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    @Shut_Up my pleasure. My testing fee is 50 gold, payable within 24 hours.

    @Neil_J I think it's unreasonable for the first round of a challenge with lvl 3 players to be hard for high lvl players. No way a lvl 16 survivor should need two shots to take down a human lvl 3. What does that mean for lvl 5 players in the challenge, can they play beyond the first lvl?

    Has anyone done anything besides shoot the humans? Do they die more quickly getting stabbed?
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  • RankaRanka Member Posts: 125
    I couldn't believe my eyes how strong and fast humans are. Do you know that funny feeling in your underbelly just before pressing the dead challenge button??? ))) Everything for my guild even my characters ... here we go!!
  • Nope, u need 2 stabbings.
  • PoppyPoppy Member Posts: 1,146
    Humans shouldn't be more damage resistant than walkers for crying out loud!

    You shoot, stab, bash a walker it feels no pain it's driven on to feed relentless, a human gets hit it's going to hurt, it's going to impair them there going to think twice.

    They shouldn't go into bleed as a second health bar, they should bleed as the health bar.
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    @Poppy yes but humans will defend themselves and try to prevent you from hitting them. I think it's reasonable to have the same hp but increase bodyshot chance against humans.
  • lobofettlobofett Member Posts: 15
    Poppy said:

    They shouldn't go into bleed as a second health bar, they should bleed as the health bar.

    I agree, one tiny mistake guarantees a loss of a star, gives absolutely 0 room for error, and also sometimes one mistake cannot be avoided

  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
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