What does it need to make NML great again?

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I´m aware there´s a suggestions board, but as with all other boards, the main section has the most views. This topic might be moved when it comes alive and running. I´d like to see and collect some constructive ideas here.

My suggestions/wishes are:

- Drop the unequip costs for badges to 5 gold, as it takes lots of gold to unequip all the badges which we instantly created and equiped just after trying the system.

- We need a more comfortable way to equip and unequip gear. I´m dreaming of a system where we´re able to just drag and drop the gear from one to another survivor. Additional view of which survivor is most powerful equiped with which weapon. Like survivor XY has XX amount of damage (through traits and badges) with a suggestion which gear will lead to best results.

- When playing the distance (which needs a overwork anyway...) the gear should automatically be unequiped when a survivor is out of game.

- Make the double challenge rewards a standard. I think most of the players asking themselves how long they will stay, are still here because of their guild and the challenge. This way a lot of grind for TG will be obsolete and we´re able to take a break sometimes. Plus: If the double rewards would be standard nobody will ask for radio events again, because there would be a good weekly income of radios.

- Extra rewards for the challenge ranking would make it attractive to try to go behind your limits.

- Add a extra scavenger mission for badges material. The drop rate is way to low for free players.

- Get rid of all the common and uncommon gear, or add a auto scrap option to chose in the settings.

- As gear levels raising and raising, please recalculate the costs for upgrading. Around 6 millions for just one piece of gear is way too high.

- Alternatively raise the XP for kills and farms.

- Give us a second workshop. If the average player has about 40 survivors, one training ground might be okay, but all these survivors need two pieces of gear!

- Retirement values are a joke. If I grinded hundreds and thousands of token I wan´t a fair value in return. Otherwise I won´t look for survivors with newer traits.

- No council upgrades before 9 months. This way the grind for weapons would be not that frustrating.


Some wishes so far...looking forward to see you additions :wink:



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    People deciding what they want and then telling NG the exact opposite of what they want because if it's reasonable and makes sense and everyone wants it then we won't get it.
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    I’ve said it for a long time, there money sponges, they don’t care what you want, money is there top priority, so doesn’t matter what we want. When have you ever seen a bundle on sale. NEVER And every thing we buy is rediculously priced.
  • MetalMetal Member Posts: 492
    I agree I don’t mind spending either, but what you say is true, I agree
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    I would purchase weapons bundles every time if the gear was upgradeable but since it isn't I'm not spending on anything other than an occasional gas booster
  • hunter_xhunter_x Member Posts: 388
    Only 1 from me
    Quick swap weapon/gear
  • snafusnafu Member Posts: 227
    Set a reasonable cap to body shot chance, high level walkers have enough health. Interrupt and stun locking were fun strategies compared to wrestling.
  • MLHMLH Member Posts: 82
    Play March to War for a week.
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    Change the background music;
    Maybe Black Sabbath or ACDC :wink:
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    Triple agree and double like and quadruple awesome on @Mack105 suggestions. Guilds are the most neglected and underutilized part of the game
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    To expand on my flippant comment above, here's what I would love to see.

    - Diversify map range to better utilise all classes e.g. maps that require stealth over brute force.
    - Whenever you decide to downgrade something in the name of balance, upgrade something to counteract it. E.g. tweak wrestler down, tweak bullet dodge up.
    - Add more chapter missions. If you do this, introduce a bunch in one go to keep us going.
    - Tweak challenges to include a wider range of maps.
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    You had me worried you were serious @ADPaq with that first post lol I like your 2nd post better
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