Why does NG want us to only use ranged at high rsl's?

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I recall seeing a post from a while ago where NG wants players to use other classes than assault and hunters. The wrestler nerf is going to make the vast majority of players to only use ranged at higher level missions, because melee needs to get up close and personal, and it's safer to kill a walker that takes 6 or 7 or 10 or 15 hits from farther away. Why does NG hate melee? Why does NG want to limit the use of melee classes with this nerf?


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    KaLi said:

    I agree there should be also a rebalancing of maps due to the wrestler nerfs.

    Maybe completing challenges can be like the distance in which it allows us to win with at least 1 survivor surviving rather than the standard all 3

    This will allow for further gameplay and strategies to help us still have a chance and get past the wrestling situations

    I 100% agree with you, but there are no plans to rebalance any maps in the Distance in 2.8.
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    @Mabiki - yes I know. My main point was merely to convey that it seems these nerfs/changes are inherently structured to result in a disadvantage to all us players unless more & more $$ is given away, to try and level the playing field (i.e. to make melee feasible under the new regime). And I don’t really like the direction this train is going...
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    @Bill_ZRT I give them more credit than that, though. They should know the implications of their decisions and I'm not ready to say that they aren't smart enough to take that into account. My question includes the implication that they considered this, perhaps I ought to have articulated that in my initial post.

    That said, @Teeceezy @Fearofabotplanet @Shteevie please comment on this unbalanced "rebalancing" which is supposedly an improvement on the game, but disadvantages melee more than ranged at higher levels.

    @Fearofabotplanet I've seen you answering questions elsewhere, please give this thread some love.
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    Everyone is missing the big picture here... NG doesn't want ppl to get past a certain level of walkers, which is why they killed the wrestling trait. Don't worry, if your melee teams can't pass +3 RSL... after a few more "updates"... your ranged team can't either! Fixed!

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    I'm not sure I ever use melee classes outside of Outpost mode. They don't seem to do much more damage than ranged, but are significantly more exposed to bruising. Sure, I'm only lv15 survivors at the moment, but having used nothing except ranged for missions since I unlocked Assault class I can't see much changing.

    Something that might make them more viable (imo) is the ability to heal maybe once per mission, returning 33% of a health bar and removing bruised or injured status if returning over that threshold as a result.
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    My two star warrior can take out a RSL 27-28 one shot. Overwatch can kill a 28. Same with scouts. With these badges and this week’s event, excited to see the damage they can do. Bruised can stun 27-28s too. Bruiser week all day 28s but without it’s harder.
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    Invader said:

    There's a trait coming in 2.8 which I'm confident will be very useful for melee characters, particularly when the going gets hot.

    This politic sux. Instead of balancing the classes you give us another shiny new trait to grind for. I barely had time and ressources to bring some of the last added survivor traits to a level, where they´re useful.

    Would had been easier, if the retirement tokens wouldn´t be so bad.
    I don't have any of the new traits in any usable combination and on any useable level survivor aside from Ruthless on a 6-star scout and legendary warrior. Disappointing. No revenge, no punish (although making 1 calls for the Distance has given me a few new options for projects). On the plus side, the lack of new traits hasn't hurt me in any major way that is observable - yet.
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    You seem to have missed the first sentence of my response: 'The decision was made with consideration of all of the classes and the overall health of the meta-game in No Man's Land'.

    With any game design classes have different utility. Otherwise why would we have different classes? By no means am I saying that melee will no longer be relevant for players at high RSL, they still will.
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    @sbf I totally respect that opinion and agree that it's more than reasonable for players to expect consistency and usefulness for their survivors.
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    I hope we are talking about a weapon or armor trait because I really have no survivor slots left for new survivors, no tokens, no XP, no time... but even if I had... I haven't even gotten a bruiser with punish yet. Not a single one that could have been of use... or a warrior with ruthless...
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