4 ideas for improvements re badges

1. Turn the scavenger building into "some # of free badge unequip" every 8 to 24 hrs. Sort of like the radio tent is now. Throw a bone to the f2p players.
2. Let us see what the effect of a badge change before its finalized. I shouldnt have to break out my calculator to see which rare health increase badge is better...+12 % vs +350 points for an example. Since there is a 15 fee for changes, this just makes sense.
3. Display the icon for a set on the picture of the survivor. Its annoying to have keeping clicking the badge tab when you are searching for the guy w the 5 circle set or the 4 x's...if the set type were displayed like the 6 dots for the filled slots it would be very helpful.
4. Better search capability on the badges list...ie sort by location1-6, remove badges already placed/ not placed.


  • ZetteZette Member Posts: 416
    Great ideas! Especially #3 and #4! And with #4, maybe make a tab for unused badges. It's starting to be a pain in the a$$ scrolling to the bottom to get to the unused. Right now, the quickest way to look at unused badges is to click on a player that has no badges just so u can see what's unused.
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