Roll Call



  • Carl_s_HatCarl_s_Hat Member Posts: 202
    I were.
  • PicPic Member Posts: 1,061
    This guy lost two
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,168
    Yep! I'm an old-timer...
  • JerryDixonJerryDixon Member Posts: 387
    Yes but my memorial is empty. Should have killed off a few.
    Jerry Dixon
  • JeemPedJeemPed Member Posts: 159
    January 29,2016 I lost 3 at once
  • Phalanx44Phalanx44 Member Posts: 281
  • R2runfastR2runfast Member Posts: 332
    Got 3 or 4 buried in the backyard

    Can't wait for nerf.8
  • DigyoDigyo Member Posts: 19
  • ArtisansArtisans Member Posts: 729
    Hi Japes! Yes for me.
    Retired, but not entirely dead.
    "Really? Good luck with that!"
  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,752
    My name is Jester. Deadlies really did pester.

    Shah shah bouey. Role call!
  • BttlOpenerBttlOpener Member Posts: 989
    Such a horrible day. I still cringe at The Forest map.
  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,430
    Yep! but never lost any
    Elder of dragons weyr a top USA guild
  • llammallamma Member Posts: 48

    Remember those days
  • LightfeetLightfeet Member Posts: 1,062
    +1, with 18 deaths... :#
  • crambert_neccrambert_nec Member Posts: 1,376
    Only lost my first ever legendary assault. Such a sad day. That damn map from The Compound challenge...
    Leader of WATCH TOWER RoD
  • MrSorrowMrSorrow Member Posts: 109
    I really miss deadly missions. I had done somewhere around 300 when they removed them.

    I miss seeing this when I start my game

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  • CapletonCapleton Member Posts: 441
    19 dead survivors still haunting me and telling me Single Malt and deadly missions are no good combo!
    Moriturus te salutat

    Found his home in Asylum
  • DeucesDeuces Member Posts: 55
    Yep, I remember those.
  • abailey362abailey362 Member Posts: 304
    yep. i have 3 in my memorial. i had made it months without losing anyone and then all 3 died on same mission before they changed it to where you could only lose 1 on a mission. lost them on 4/9/16 and the longest that i had with me survived for 109 days
    abailey362 - TheHerdReturned - part of #THR Family

  • CrazyDCrazyD Member Posts: 456
    Yup, oh how I miss the deadly rush of adrenaline...
  • thebullthebull Member Posts: 32
    Been here since then
    -The Bull
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    edited October 2017
    I got my 500th deadly completed without losing a survivor about a month before they took deadlies away. The newer players will never feel the thrill of having one of your best survivors that you spent months upgrading, in a struggle at the exit, hoping like hell you can free them before they died.
  • tpips42tpips42 Member Posts: 105
    I was here but I never invested in the memorial. Thought I was smart saving my supplies for other upgrades. If I knew what a badge of honor it would become, I totally would have gotten it!
  • dandancar77dandancar77 Member Posts: 332
    edited October 2017
    lost my one and only on my first couple days playing. learned to pay more attention, and go easy instead of rushing in, guns a’ blazin

  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,200
    Aye Aye

    Zee Black 

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  • MortmerMortmer Member Posts: 172

    I even have the tent with a few names in it.

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