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    Ok so after playing through all the challenges...yes the difficulty is a bit harder. Even at base level i missed 2 stars with my lvl 10 survivors. One due to was a bug. But the humans were only actually a challenge on one of the missions because there were like 6 of them and hiding behind corners. If you take it slow, utilize overwatch, and utilize walkers to your advantage it is not too bad. If you have human enemies behind gates, shoot through the gate from a distance, let the next wave of walkers come in and attack them. Time it right, open the gate and run to the other side. There are lots of potential strategies to succeed. Stop complaining that they made the game a bit harder and try to improve your strategy. If the game isnt making you put enough effort it will get boring fast unless you are the type of person that just likes to grind for the sake of grinding.

    Personally, I like where the developers are going with this. I do think the humans may need to be nerfed a bit or they will become quickly unmanageable. Outposts with lvl 8 humans have been nearly impossible so I imagine in challenges with massive numbers of walkers it will be equally so.

    P.S. if you got rid of all your bruisers, I suggest you start looking for some. You will need them badly when outposts are released! Plan ahead while you can.
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    I agree they have made the humans too difficult to kill.. I do not see how any of my lower level guild memebers will even complete the first wave of the new challenges. I have mostly upper level players but a few lower level and I am afraid they will be discouraged from doing challenges because it will be to difficult not to die right off. Please slowly increase the difficulty by each round not 3 humans That are so difficult that it takes a level 14 legendary 3 tries too kill. My level 8 guild memeber will never complete one challenge.
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    Thanks for the tips @BarcodeJ, especially about Bruisers as don't use them but lucky enough I have an epic so will start training up.
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    These changes suck. Just seems they are trying to make it almost mandatory to spend a lot of $ to advance. Whatever, I'll play for a bit til it gets pointless and frustrating. This is supposed to be fun.
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    @OldGoth @Teeceezy I don't think a level 3 human opponent bruiser should stun a level 16 survivor. It should be equal on both sides. Bruiser should only stun within 2-3 of his level like our survivors.
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    My level 15 legendarys survivors, with guns 5 stars need to hit twice a level 3, what the...?

    Im Stopping with this game, every update its has ilogical add on, no more money from me!
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    BigOleTDs said:

    This is beyond ridiculous. Takes two hits from legendary level 16 survivors to fully kill a human on the first level? How does that make ANY sense?

    You're absolutity right! ! This maken playing the guild very hard!

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    This really sucks the humans are way too strong, players who are low level like 15 cant play this events fix this pls so everybody can play
    I know this sounds insane. But this is an insane world.
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    Yes we wanted it to become harder.
    But seriously,!
    A lvl 3 Enemy raider with under 100 def requires 2 hits, regardless if you use a critical hit from a lvl 15 hunter/shooter..??
    That is stupid and makes no sense..
    It would be okay if it was a lvl 11 or higher lvl Enemy raider.
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    While I hear a lot of complaining from high level people, what about low level people? I assume you can also kill a human with 2 shots? So is it as simple as that? Killing any human takes a minimum of 2 shots irrelevant of level?
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    I assume that the higher level enemy raiders would/should require more than 2 shot kills.
    But I guess we'll find out when we get there.
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    Looks like my wallet is closed until they fix the op raiders. Your welcome devs or is it thank you now i can afford bills.
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    @Helio again, it doesn't make sense if a level 5/6/7/8/9/10 player needs two shots to take out a human. It shouldn't be the same as what it takes for a level 12/13/14/15 player. It should take low level survivors a 4-5 more hits/shots. A level 9 gun has the same power as a level 13?
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    FLU said:

    I am a Leader with The Cure. We have 60 members and I will advise them to not spend another nickel on this game until they address these ridiculous metrics. I would advise other Leaders of guilds to do the same. These people will not understand anything until the flow of money slows.

    - You can not take rewards away after they are given.

    - You can not change the scale of damage on like characters just to take our high level characters. That's clearly why you did it.

    - You can not continue to mess with the values of our items we have played so hard for.

    How would you expect a new player to the game would view the challenge part of the game. If they have level 3, they won't pass one map.

    It's as though you have no experience building games for the long haul. The decisions that are being made are not being well thought out. You are taking a game everyone is showing they are passionate about and making it unplayable.

    I will speak with my lawyer about the changes. I have spent money, too much money as I look at it now. And you have taken the basic acceptable rules of play and distorted to take more resources and destroy characters to increase your bottom line. It is a bait and switch.


    We're dumping the tea in the harbor as we speak.
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    masmith93 said:

    @Shut_Up my pleasure. My testing fee is 50 gold, payable within 24 hours.

    @Neil_J I think it's unreasonable for the first round of a challenge with lvl 3 players to be hard for high lvl players. No way a lvl 16 survivor should need two shots to take down a human lvl 3. What does that mean for lvl 5 players in the challenge, can they play beyond the first lvl?

    Has anyone done anything besides shoot the humans? Do they die more quickly getting stabbed?

    No they don't. After trying different combinations it doesn't matter, its all attack types.
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    Hahaha hahaha haha.. thx for the laugh* Best joke ever, NG! A legendary Shooter with "1060" damage should be able to 1 shot a level 3 raider. Mehhh* thx for the new content anyway
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    Yep, my level 11 legendary and blue 11,blue 10 takes 3 hits to kill a level 3 but they practically one shot my chars.

    The update sounded great but they messed up on an algorithm some place that decides the damage the humans will do. I literally failed a level one mission (against level 3 humans) with my legendary 11 and blue 10,11.

    It needs fixing for sure.

    For the record my characters have 457 hp, 387ish and 377.

    They shouldn't come anywhere near being one shot like they almost were.

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    edited February 2016
    Now this is silly! ↓↓↓ How did it get out?? (Bottom, centre)

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  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873

    “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.” (Bob Marley)
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,621
    @Neil_J, it's been happening for a long time.
  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    Oh.... :(

    First time I've seen it........
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    I didnt see it being said, but using most charge abilities is totally pointless against humans, as no matter what they need a double hit.. so makes that a zombie only charge ability
  • Shut_Up said:

    I don't know this for sure just a guess but I bet when a raider bruiser hits a survivor, it will always result in a stunned survivor, body shot or not. Someone please go test this theory out B)

    Yes that's true and it seems very unfair and one sided that our bruisers got nerfed and can no longer pull that off but the AI brusiers still can. Shame on you NG :p
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    I feel really bad for all the lower leveled players. They may only make it through 1 round.

    Yeah, I'm having a difficult time here. I went into a challenge (Level 3 needed. ha!) with a level 9 scout, a level 9 bruiser, and a level 8 hunter. Yeah . . . I know . . . but it's the best that I've got atm.

    My scout got stuck next to a human that stunned her. Stunned for a turn, woke up, human stunned her again. Repeat. No chance for my scout to move. and nothing the other two did could effect the human. wth

    What am I supposed to be doing here other than watching my people get beaten to death?

    oh, btw, watching a human behead someone does not count as the gore being off.

    I know I'm the newbie here so I'm not the most skilled player around but WTH!

    and the game has crashed 5 times during the last 20 minutes. Not going well here.

  • khajiitkhajiit Member Posts: 27
    Again one level 3 just nearly took out 2 of my high level survivors. It shows I'm doing more damage to the humans than they have health yet it only takes off like 3 hp.

    What the bloody... This needs to be fixed.

    I managed to get a screen shot of me doing 131 damage to a 132 hp level 3 yet later on he still has almost full hp.

    Level 3s should not be able to almost kill us in 1 hit unless we are low level. It's BS.

    I tried taking two more pics but was too slow. The Yolanda 11 in the pic is a legendary with like 487 hp.

  • DERRICKDERRICK Member Posts: 329
    Thats not exactly correct. Charge attacks of warriors and shooters help, because they have a second attack. But the charge a. of others are pointless. . Can you even Interrupt raiders? I guess not. I have 100% Interrupt on most of my used weapons. It didnt stop them from attacking!
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  • Mmmmm! I had a 3xlevel 15 team ..... took a ton of damage from the AI humans and for a bunch of level 3 super useless prizes! Has the new scheme been thought through? The newbies in my guild will get mauled and I expect move on to games with a better chance of success in a short amount of time. Yes up the difficulty but not quite so early in the game! Come on NG level the game better
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