When happiness turns into sadness....

I finally got enough Epic components to craft a badge and I've waited a long time since I didn't wanna mix something lower leveled into the process. Using only Epic component has to make the chance to get anything else than an Epic badge one in a million, right?!?

I've tried it once now and I got a Rare badge. I understand that there is a chance to get something else if you mix different component, but how can someone even come to think of making it random when all the components are the same?
I've come to the conclution that there has to be one or more RNG fetishists working at NG, but I'm all ears if someone has another plausable explanation.


  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    All Epic will result in anything from Rare to Legendary.
    All Legendary with result in Epic or Legendary.

    It will tell you at bottom of craft screen what the possible outcomes can be.
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    I've been mostly lucky get epic from all epic stuff, but from reports I'm not looking forward to getting the legendary fragment (to go with my legendary componets) from the calculations it looks like it's 80% chance to get epic
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    I can understand being disappointed, or even aggravated, that the formula allows for badges of a lesser rarity than the components, but not the feigned surprise or outrage from such a result when the crafting screen tells you exactly what the possible results may be.
  • UserixUserix Member Posts: 9
    Yeah, I knew this could happen, but I feel utterly disappointed and had to let it out.
    I have no clue to why they only cater to them who want everything to be a lottery. If I take my time to gather high level components and then bang 5 of the same kind together I can't see whey they have to make it a random thing. If I want random I always have the oppertunity to mix.
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,443
    I find it's best to lower your standards. At least now when I get enough components to attempt an all epic badge I can now think well I've at least got a rare badge coming that's going to be of some use.. I agree that it really should be of the same rarity 100% if using 5 of the same but they obviously don't want everyone to be fully kitted out in epic/legendary badges 1-2 months into their release so the odds are skewed so that the only way this can happen so soon is if you spend tonnes of gold on resetting the distance or on component crates.

    Of the 73 badges I have, one is legendary, 12 are epic, 22 are rare and the rest are uncommon or common. Considering the vast majority of my crafting has come from the uncommon/rare stuff from the distance I think that reflects a 50/50 split of being happy/sad with the results. As mentioned earlier, the fact that it tells you what rarity you can expect I think that softens the blow. The badges have increased my star count from 800-900 to 1100-1200 so I just take what I can earn for free and certainly won't ever consider spending real $$ on components.
  • t777jbt777jb Member Posts: 28
    I feel your pain. My luck with badges has been horrific. I have 135 badges: 0 legendary, 7 epic, and who cares about the rest. I've invested a lot of time in this game so I hate to delete the app, but for sure I would never play another NG game and I'm done spending money on this one.
  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    I believe NG's logic is that if you use all epic components, and get a rare, you will be so disappointed that you will spend money to try again...

  • mik81mik81 Member Posts: 360
    Someone would think that educated players would make better games.... so the lack of information means something. Usually the best companies, the leaders of their industries are the ones that have very little to hide and are more honest with their costumers. The product is so awesome, so cool, so nice that you want to tell everything to everyone... if that isn't happening... you could have a good guess on the quality of that product. Games aren't an exemption.
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    Leo Getz hates badge crafting too I'll bet. Watch at you own risk of laughter.
  • WeekOneWeekOne Member Posts: 1,195
    Lol @SmittySpivey3 .... tks for sharing :smiley:
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