Who has spent the MOST money playing this game?

I spent $2.99 on a small bundle but I think if I had $99.00 for the max gold, I'd have money to go do something else.

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  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
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    I bought the starter pack, but that's it, no more.
    No financial gain = no financial investment imho.
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  • MTLBicepsMTLBiceps Member Posts: 2
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    I've spent just over $200 on the game and have enjoyed every second. I still love playing the game and fully want to support the dev's.

    As I play at least 2 hrs a day, playing off and on, the money spent is minor compared to the enjoyment I have had.

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  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    What's your point? That other people have more money than you?
    What would you do with $99 ?
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  • jureforjusticejureforjustice Member Posts: 270

    The reason I like this game and continue to play it is because it isn't pay to win. While I have spent hundreds of dollars in IAP in other games, I've decided to stop doing that. As soon as this game implements some type of paywall or becomes pay to win, I'll move on to another game.

    I hope we never see that day =I
  • AlibabaAlibaba Member Posts: 1,275
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    Probably me... Hands down. B) Don't think I should say how much lol

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  • Weasel007Weasel007 Member Posts: 177
    I spent all my money help me
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