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    Hi Pain walker, love your youtube video, nononon~~~~~~~~

    Could you ask TEECEEZY if NG has plan to roll out a brand new outpost that include more challenge involved PVP, like you can send your challenge to Terminates or someone you would like, other party can accept the challenge or turn down it, but it will be real PVP not like current PVP. I know a lot of top player dropped of the game just because once they are in top Level 22 with all Badge they kinder lack the interest to achieve even higher achievement. One of they actually spent about 20000 USD in the game!
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    How/Why was the initial info on "training armor" so misleading? It has nothing to do with decreasing training time.

    Edit- actually, I would rather ask- Is NG really working on a permanent fix for maxed supplies or are they just going to keep up these stop-gap measures?
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    @painwalker You really should have added in your original post, the most liked questions will be asked which demonstrates a democratic process! At the moment only the funny questions are interesting!
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    Are you having a moment of satisfaction each time you ban someone from forums or you see someone complaining of "game balance" changes in forums?
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    How do you kill a tank on the mission 19 who is level RSL40 on the Distance. Please enlighten us on a strategy.
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    Thx for validating my point.
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    DoTak said:

    Putchuco said:

    @Teeceezy how much fun is it to moderate a forum and having to deal with highschool bullying tactics all day long?


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    Yes, it is always the bullies target that started it. 'He deserved it! He started it! He had it coming'
    You are transitioning smoothly into a post-stalking lynch mob.
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    With this update why did you find the need to remove the bundles available since the game's inception, that included full supplies? Was that just a desperate attempt to squeeze a few dollars from your client base or did you feel it was just too good of a value to continually offer it to your players? Thanks.
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    Let's keep it calm and civil in here. Would be sad to have to shut this thread down if it's getting dragged off topic.
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    You really didn't think that your baiting in @enigma12's thread and here would get you the reactions you got? If you could maybe stop baiting and stop hi-jacking threads and stop accusing people and insulting them, maybe the "bullying" and "hate" would stop.

    I don't hate you and have no reason to bully you. I don't even know you. But I feel I am being called a bully even though I did no such thing since I was part of the discussion... and that is insulting.
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