Left a message in (OLT) website

Could some one answer my comment about the free ads for stuff ? Is it safe to use or just another gift horse wanting info to hack us ?? Things that seem to great for free not always what we wanted to be free from....like a virus !!


  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,106
    IF you are talking about the watching the videos after the mission, they are safe and gives you three additional crates and gives NG the much needed advertisement dollars.
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  • 1LostWarrior1LostWarrior Member Posts: 80
    @zeeblack ...thanks...in OLT Site maps...under new player guide....first one press it ....it starts off with installing app for free iTunes or google cards to get gas/gold/boosters so on ....by just watching ads for them...separate from ads in game....just wondering if any one else installed app to do this and if it was safe or b.s. ?
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