Anything for newer players?

Game will die quickly if you don't give the under lvl 25 people a reason to play. The new update makes it almost impossible to get to a decent star tier, and the rewards at the lower tiers for challenges make it pointless to even bother. It would be nice to see an update that even somewhat included players that haven't maxed out yet!


  • Good point, but i dont think they care for people who dont pay to play, or
  • Weasel007Weasel007 Member Posts: 177
    Hand them over a cheque. Then they will listen to you.
  • BodhiBodhi Member Posts: 55
    I would throw them a few bucks, but it's pointless to buy Carole's knife if it's such a low lvl that its obsolete in a week, or it's a high lvl and I can't equip it. Guess we just grind on.
  • manicornmanicorn Member Posts: 45
    I've been playing for about 2 months now and have level 11 survivors. This is also without paying anything to play. I find there's plenty for me to do in the game. Just play the story modes on your own and when you can get 100 stars in the challenges, join a guild. That's what I did anyway. This game only came out in November and they're constantly updating it. give it time. Clash of Clans took a while to get it's feet wet... which is where I came from. I find this game much more fun to play.

    My 2 cents.
  • BodhiBodhi Member Posts: 55
    I can get to 100 stars. Was I think about 165 last weeks, without a glitch star. This week, maybe 50? 75? That's if I can get a survivor out of the hospital
  • @manicorn

    You can join some guilds, not all require 100 *'s
    Just post in the guild section, put up your stats and people will get in touch, let them know you dont pay to play, and you will get guild rewards too which will help you advance faster, also do some xp farming 7.4 and 9.3
  • BodhiBodhi Member Posts: 55
    But I guess if you times that by 2 it will even out over a week.
  • @manicorn

    Read through this, itll explain xp farming, tedious but will help you advance faster
  • JodipayneartJodipayneart Member Posts: 72
    Join Knife Party it's my guild I started a few weeks ago! I have 2 spots left I don't care if someone is at a lower level! Everyone starts out at the beganing and works thier way up!! We are here to have fun if you need help anyone in our guild can offer up advice we have top level players and lower level join up quick though I got 5 new people just today. 2 spots left!!
  • BodhiBodhi Member Posts: 55
    I have a good guild, and I was able to get 165 stars last challenge. I know what I'm doing, I just started later than most, so the rewards etc are pointless as a lvl 24 player is all.

    Buying a Carole's knife set isn't worth it because it will be obsolete shortly assuming I get it at a usable lvl, or if it high lvl I won't be able to even equip it at all. I'm not afraid to spend on a game, just not much to buy for a lvl 24 player.

    Just an observation that the new system is beyond terrible unless your a maxed out player. If the lvl 35s players with a lvl 15+ survivor need 2 shots to take down a first tier human, how many does it take a lvl 24 with a lvl 10?
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