Founding players retiring due to nerfing/greed is really sad!

It is incredibly sad when hoards of original players are leaving the game including tDiddy and one of the founders of our guild due to not enjoying the game anymore! So basically paying and ftp people have felt the effects of all of nerfing to the point of quitting! Ng’s new system will generate money but if enough people leave, their profit and list price will drop so they are going backwards! The game should be fun but it’s becoming a grind and increasingly annoying!

I wish NG realised or woke up to the fact that nerfing traits like wrestler, that a lot of people enjoyed using, only creates frustration. Personally, I don’t use melee people much and didn’t utilise the wrestler trait but I was looking forward to learning how which is gone now!

I am so sad my friends are leaving the game and after spending many thousands $$$, which my son nags me about, I am considering deleting the game as well!


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    Goodbye @enigma12

    I am the one and only Zee Black, climbed all the way to Level 75, part of SG Woot, the 3 million star guild

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    @zeeblack She didn't said she's quitting for sure too.
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    sbf said:

    @Putchuco If you didn't notice, the wrestler nerf caused NG to add missions at the bottom of the challenge because there will be a cap at the top. You're allowed to think that starting at lvl14 in a challenge is more fun than using strategy at rsl31, but that puts you in the minority. And yes, that causes MORE grind. If you're unable to see how using wrestler at higher levels involves using strategy, then that's on you. What's more fun (and challenging), rsl14 or rsl31? 31 any day of the week and twice on Sunday. And the rewards are better. If you think that a monkey could pick exactly where your survivor needs to be to not get swiped by the wrong walker while trying to kill the right one (unless you've forgotten, wrestler can only kill one walker per mission in the challenge), trust me, that monkey would get past the lower level missions much easier.

    I understand that you want to keep your place on the leader board, but calling for a nerf of any trait that many people like is uncalled for. "I've got mine and I don't care if you get yours," is not a terribly flattering position to take.

    It is quite sad that you think I went for a 'nerf' just so I can keep me spot on the Leaderboard, I could not care less.
    If it were up to me you could all divide my starz among each other if we can get back to a strategic game, and away from a mindless game.

    On the first point: sure, on some of the missions there was some strategy involved on how to use Wrestling, no one disputes that.
    Awesome players have gotten to amazing levels in the game with it. Kudos.
    Now, the entire NML community has to suffer from the mission maps now, that needed to be ramped up every time, just so 'the wrestlers' had something to do?
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    @Jaden, I keep hearing the same attempt at an argument: 'Nobody forces you to use wrestling' is still not an argument.
    'I want no speed limit on any street, if you don't like it, nobody forces you to go fast'.
    Nope, everybody else has to adapt to the your speed, or in terms of the game adapt to special mission map design etc because of the simple existence of limitless wrestling.

    Virtually nobody needed to use ANY strategy in the Distance in 2.7, because you could play through with lvl9 toons and wrestling gear.
    Literally anyone can do that, there is no big secret. Those were the most boring weeks ever in this game.
    Now, we have to go back and actually THINK of which guys to send in, their gear, upgrades, traits matter again.
    No more safety net with wrestling.
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    I'll address you questions from my perspective and explain why I still play.
    Putchuco said:

    Someone's really gotta explain to me how a re-balanced wrestling makes the game less fun.

    I have never strategically used the wrestler trait in any game mode. So altering it didn't directly impact me, but I definitely side with those who feel the alteration was too severe.
    Putchuco said:

    Less grind? yes

    Nothing NG has done since I started playing has actually reduced grind. I'm a F2Per and the grind in this game is easily one of the highest I've ever played in 35 odd years of gaming. I accept it for now, more on this later.
    Putchuco said:

    Less endless repeat missions that a monkey could play? yes

    I'll assume you're referring to the Challenge mode, in which case I find the grind the same as it always has been.
    Putchuco said:

    Less starz in challenge? potentially. Is this the major point?

    No. I've only recently started pushing for higher star counts since I joined Global Angels 2 and I have to say it's gone up drastically.
    Putchuco said:

    The Distance is SO much more enjoyable that we don't have the easy way out with wrestling anymore.

    I disagree. The Distance is incredibly dull and unimaginative. Nothing NG has done since releasing it has changed it from being a boring slog. I've stated previously I only play 9 or 10 missions, which I can accomplish easily to obtain primarily badge fragments. Outside of this I have no desire whatsoever to play this game mode; it's simply too boring.
    Putchuco said:

    We have to strategize again instead of just going through the motions of equipping wrestling gear on any available character and send 'em in.
    The Distance with endless Wrestling was a farce.

    I never did this and I still find the Distance an incredibly unrewarding and dull game mode.
    Putchuco said:

    Before the haters jump up and down again, the above is my opinion.
    You are allowed to have your own, but so am I.

    As are my responses to you.
    Putchuco said:

    So, once someone got past their rage: what is so bad about the situation without endless wrestling?

    I've stated that I have never really used the wrestler trait in any game mode so I'm not overly fussed by its alteration, however, a greater concern I have, and one I believe is shared by many, is that there is a continued push to negatively alter traits in the name of game balance, when in reality it seems they are much more likely being altered to protect NG's business model and revenue income.

    Now, why do I still play a game that I admit is a colossal grind? Mainly because I want something to occupy my time when I have nothing better to do. I play on bus and train rides, when I'm at the airport waiting for my flight, when I'm at my kids' swimming lessons and I'm bored, etc.
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    > @Edd8 said:
    > Wth is enjoyable about distance now??
    > Everyone who managed to beat it
    > before the update will easily finish
    > mission 18 then hit the wall with the
    > 200k health fatties. Where the hell is
    > that strategy you're talking about??

    Sorry to bump in. I agree that there are fundamental design issues with "renewed" Distance, meaning the hard difficulty version of it. I reached mission 19 and killed one fatty and injured two others down to 50K health but because I had not fled after killing one fatty, while freemen were still alive, I could not manage to kill remaining fatties on further retries due to frequent walker spawns.

    At least there should be design change that when last member of team starts struggling (having gold wrestler suit), game does not end immediately but only after 3rd turn when survivor would actually die.

    Also in some cases I am missing armor trait called "insta death" which would kill survivor immediately when starting to struggle. As if you were wrestling with spikey.

    @Shteevie Do you think you could make some changes to game play?
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    Keep it civil and constructive. Attack the argument, not the person.
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    @Jaden it appears you have absolutely no desire to actually look at the presented arguments. Fine, but pls don't just whilly-nilly throw out accusations.

    @Monsuta what were you trying to show by your incredible collection of posts?
    That I have used wrestling? Was that a secret?
    That I don't enjoy using it? Also no secret.
    That I stopped using it in the challenge? no secret there either
    That I tried beating the Distance which was only possible using wrestling? Do I need a permission slip before i can use it?

    @Bill_ZRT I am still trying for someone spending a fraction of the time they are spending witch-hunting me (or anyone else who wanted wrestling limited ang the game re-balanced) and more on actually explaining what was so great about it. Must be the extra starz and the perceived advantage in the challenge then.

    Back to the original post: why would someone (highly regarded player(s) quit the game now with v2.8?
    Because of the re-balanced wrestling? really?
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    > @Bill_ZRT said:
    > Some people found it fun and challenging...

    FUN is the key
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