Help with starting survivors


I´ve unlocked assault-class and used my phones but don´t know which of my survivors I should continue to build on. Appreciate any suggestions you can give me. Thanks!



  • TetatorTetator Member Posts: 47
    Hello and welcome on this great game :)
    Good news : you have lots of good guys :)
    Bad news : none of them is perfect
    You are new to the game, so optimisation should not be your number one concern Today :)

    As far as you are, you have to define what is your prefered play style : shooting or mêlée. They are both good and viable at your stage. Your objective is to progress as fast as possible.

    What I would do if I were you :
    1) do not scrap anybody until you need space
    2) I do not see anybody to invest in in your roaster. So keep your tokens and save them for the day you will have the perfect match
    3) to use today, I would use Erica, Lois and Henri. Indeed I prefer shooting teams. Then you will get leaders that help in farming. For ex Gleen. The day you'll get him, give a chance to a mêlée team. I would use Gleen, Debra and Renee. If you manage to play with this team then it's a good training. If not still try to use Gleen as leader and Erica and Lois.
    4) as your level, level up your buildings and characters. Do not waste XP in weapons (for now)
    5) continue to spend your radios on 15 radio calls. What you seek for is (for high end optimized characters :
    - bruiser : punish + retaliate + Iron skin
    - scout : luck + dodge + strong
    - warrior : luck dodge iron skin retaliate strong
    - shooters (all kind) : marksman + Iron skin + luck + Dodge + sure shot or Ruthless

    Here you go. Do not hesitate if you have other questions :)
  • AginorAginor Member Posts: 2
    Perfect, thank you very much Jaden and Tetator! Now I know a little better how to proceed and your tip on traits to look for will be of much help!
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