Badges and Percentages

Sorry for the newb question but: when calculating percentages, which number does one take into consideration. For example, I’m trying to find out what +7% Damage would be


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    It's actually a good question.
    I believe there was some discussion on this the official badge thread but I cannot find it atm. If I do before someone can give a correct answer I'll post link.
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    You need @jimmorrison369
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    But to put it more simple.

    Your survivor has base damage.
    This contains: weapon, traits, hero buffs and stuff.
    Add to that your badges that do + flat value.
    Multiply them by the % that the %badge does.
    Add the base damage and flat values.

    (base damage + badgesflat) x (100 + %badge) / 100%
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    To put it complicated.

    Survivor base damage +
    Marksman/strong damage +
    hero damage +
    weapon +
    lethal damage +
    Badge flat value damage

    Add them all together and multiply by (100% + Badges%)/100%
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    Using algebra:

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    In general.
    If your survivor has NO badges:

    You can just use the damage number on your survivor screen.
    %badges will get multiplied by that number.
    +badges just will get added.

    If you have +badges on your survivor.
    Then you can still do the same.

    If you have %badges on the survivor.
    Then you need to remove the percentage from the number on your screen.
    Then add the % badges together and use that number to multiply again.

    Survivor has already 10% badge.
    Currently it has 3300 damage.
    If you add another badge of 10%
    Then together you have 20% damage badges.
    But first you need to know what your base damage is.

    3300 damage is 110%, you need to know 100%
    3300/110*100= 3000
    3000*(100%+20%)/100% = 3600

    3300/(1+B%)*(1+Bnew%) = 3600

    In above example.
    If you then add a +damage badge of +333 damage.
    The +333 will get increased by the already present 20% damage boost.
    So +333 will actually be 400 when you add the badge to the survivor.

    3600+400 =4000
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