Any assaults worth sticking with?

Would you keep going with any of these assaults? I have enough tokens to roll for the fifth trait on the epic, but I'm really not sure about Revenge on assaults...


  • TetatorTetator Member Posts: 47
    I like them all. Neither is perfect but all worth keeping for sure. i like William most, for 2 reasons. First he has dodge, which is best combo with luck (Edwin has iron skin which do not symbioses with luck). and William does not have revenge, which in descend can be risky to get.
    So i would use William personally.
    That being said, i would not invest token on him either and wait for the unicorn
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    Revenge on assaults doesn't do that much. I prefer other traits (plus it's risky in some cases like this week's challenge).

    Your legendary isn't bad though. I would keep the all around but wouldn't invest tokens, at least not in the epic.

    BTW luck helps with sure shot, of course. That trait is useful for assaults if there are tight maps. Most of the times assaults move a lot ore often than hunters or shooters, though. Not a bad trait but a bit more limited for assault.
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  • MonsutaMonsuta Member Posts: 1,168
    Assault have the lowest damage & shortest range of all 3 ranged class, plus the main advantage of assault is their wide attack zone to hit multiple target so revenge is bad on them.
    William is very good, I would keep investing on him.
  • xxarea83xxxxarea83xx Member Posts: 221
    William is good. Edwin is an attacker with the right badges, either of those 2 are worth investing in.
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  • Raven2318Raven2318 Member Posts: 209
    Thanks to all of you for the advice. I will get rid of the ones with revenge and keep William.
  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,142
    I would keep Edwin and discard the rest, if I need the tokens

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  • abailey362abailey362 Member Posts: 304
    i like having revenge on assault. can hit multiple targets on revenge shot. Shawn would be good with ruthless.

    assaults can hit hard with right traits and badges. my abe damage is 5022, and second assault with ruthless, revenge, luck, marksman, and sure shot (double pink) damage is 4264
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