After 18 months with this game, my time has come to an end.
I loved this game, with all its game modes, all features, skills, traits and so on. But constant nerfing and grinding slowly drained my lust and I lost last drop recently.
What used to be fun becomes endless grind, with need of (hero) tokens, XP, supplies, equip, badges, survs, I was not able to manage all that at satisfactory level even though I was not completely F2P.
So, Im leaving, to have some more RL and maybe some more fun with another game. NML was first mobile game, that made me spending real money and I never regret that, though it cost me much more than any previous game I ever bought. But I realized, that there is no chance to compete without continuing with those spendings and I stopped, cause there was no more reason to do so. With last update gift, I was able to make my very best challenge score and I decided, that it is good moment to step away. So, you guys that are still having fun with NML, stay safe out there and kill those ****ing zombies.

@RickGrames Thanks for letting me play with ULTIMA family, it is great guild and I miss you all though I left at my own decision.
@others Thanks for having fun with you here on forum as well as in game with some of you. I´ll never forget.


  • TheLostOnesTheLostOnes Member Posts: 3,032
    Bye @Gladi best of luck!
    I'm lost.

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  • kiwinz7kiwinz7 Member Posts: 916
    Another fallen solider, all the best
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  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    Very sad. I will miss you, even though we have just been forum friends and never played together...
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  • TheCrabTheCrab Member Posts: 89
    Bye @Gladi sad to see you go
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  • JackBauerJackBauer Member Posts: 1,550
    By @Gladi , SR will miss you !
    Remember to use your charge abilities
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,586
    I know how you feel. We'll miss you buddy! :'(
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,200
    We will miss you, Gladi!
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,740
    Bye Gladi, we'll miss you! Hope you come back some time soon!
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  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 807
    @Gladi It's been a pleasure to know and play alongside you. You'll be missed. Best wishes!
  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    Thanks for you kind words, I´ll miss you guys too.
  • ArtisansArtisans Member Posts: 729
    So sad to see you go, @Gladi. Was a pleasure getting to know you.
    Retired, but not entirely dead.
    "Really? Good luck with that!"
  • tallinietallinie Member Posts: 405
    Could not have said it any better myself. @Gladi . Take care.
  • RickGramesRickGrames Member Posts: 391
    Wish you all the best in your life @Gladi , it was a pleasure play with U !

    I hope you will always keep with you a great memory of ULTIMA LEGIONE!
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  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,442
    I feel an ugly cry coming.... I'll miss you @Gladi!
  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    Was good having you as a teammate for a couple weeks gladi, take care and enjoy your free time :)
  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,293
    Wishing you all the best @Gladi

    Zee Black - SG Woots - Playing since 2015.

  • Mais88Mais88 Member Posts: 348
    You'll come back. They all come back...Muh Ha ha ha...haaa...
  • 淡水地鼠淡水地鼠 Member Posts: 278
    Come back sometimes
  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    Still hanging around @淡水地鼠 . Not playing(for few days) not necessarily means I left forum completely.
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