Any New Chapters soon?

I have defeated all 14 chapters including all of them in nightmare mode. There has not been any new chapters for a long time. You can't even replay old chapters once you have beaten all of them. Any plans in when you guys will release a new story mission/chapter 15?


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    Damn it, why I did not get the bundle in my shop. I would have bought a dozen

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    zeeblack said:

    Damn it, why I did not get the bundle in my shop. I would have bought a dozen

    This raises a good point. Many companies see a massive increase in sales when they heavily discount products (think 80% discount) for a period of time. It's definitely helped propel steam to the forefront of digital game delivery and many developers see staggering increases in revenue*, and presumably profit, during the sales.


    I know NG offer discounted bundles, but honestly I don't find them particularly enticing as they don't seem to offer good value for money.
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    What profit can NG get for another episode? Maybe answer on your question is somewhat hidden in my question @ZombieTalion .
    On the other hand, S7/highlights/S8 missions are kind of band-aid for this.
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    I would love more story episodes, and that's what I told the NG people when I met them last July. But they were all excited about The Distance (which was under development at the time) and not interested. I asked them if they could even just open up the old story missions for regular play, and they seemed more receptive to that, but so far, no dice.

    The truth is, players WANT more story missions. But NG does NOT want to give them to us. Since NG is in control, we're not getting any new story missions. Which is very sad...
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    It's been so long since I played the story missions that I cannot even remember what the story was. To be honest I prefer the seasons and the distance are they not nearly the same thing? As long as new content is available I'm happy.

    Perhaps in the future the story missions could be reset on a timescale. For example how about resetting them all for us as an Xmas gift?
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    I always thought it would be a cool challenge to retry all the story missions but under challenge criteria; having to get 3 stars on each mission.
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    @ZombieTalion The answer I got a good while back was that they aren't working on any more story missions.
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,171

    NG, as a new parent, not knowing where that baby is, is giving me anxiety.

    I believe his name is Stu.... ;)
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    While we'd love to bring more story missions to the game, none are currently in the pipeline. :)
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    Thanks @Teeceezy , agree with @TransmuteJun and many others. Can you elaborate why no new story missions are in the pipeline? Or why the story missions cannot be reopened for replay?
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    The simplest explanation is that Season Missions and Challenge map sets take priority in the limited development time we have. @sligoem
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    Thanks for reply @Teeceezy
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    The season missions aren't bad, but seriously they only take 5 hours to complete because of the stupid cool down timer. You run through them on first try every week. At least the chapters took a bit of time and had 3 levels
  • ScowleyScowley Member Posts: 421
    > @Teeceezy said:
    > The simplest explanation is that Season Missions and Challenge map sets take priority in the limited development time we have.

    Thanks for the honest reply Teeceezy, It puts my mind at rest when I know why a decision has been made. I definitely like the season missions and new challenge maps so I would prioritise them first as well. Thank you for your candour.
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    Since no new ones are coming them open the old ones back up and let us replay them. Please!!
  • ZombieTalionZombieTalion Member Posts: 60
    Thanks teeceezy. I like the story missions because the boards last a little longer than the seasons/distance boards. Definately would like to at least be able to relapy old missions. Challenge missions also a bit repedative. Storyline missions releases wouldn't have to be often, but it gets a little stale after a while. All i can do is voice an opinion. Thanks for the honest answer!
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