Should I take her to pink?

I think I should, shouldn’t I? Starr is worth the pink star?


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    Do you see any reasons for not upgrading her to Pink except a law suit from Pink that why you upgraded her to Pink

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    Beast scout hell yeah.

    Although I am not a big fun of retaliate. Would rather have d stance for that.

    That being said I do have in my arsenal best meele beasts with retaliate and they are 2 pinked.

    So definitely yes.
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    She is going to Pink! Starr will have fun at the concert (roll eyes) and I will have fun turning her loose during challenges!

    Seriously, I thought she was worth investing in but then I would second guess myself. Still a mid level player and have a lot to learn. Thanks for the help!
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    Two in the pink. One in the ....
    When soft cap comes I quit the game.
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    Looks like this thread has been answered and run it's course. Closed.

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