The Walking Dead No Man's Land Weekend Event November 3rd-6th 2017!

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    Ill take the double supplies. The exchange is a little odd though. Guess that'll help about 0.001% of the community at least...Lol..
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    Yeah I don't plan to trade in my supplies, as I have about 1/2 the lvl23 leg gear I need and think I'll be fine with normal TG purchases...But it's nice of NG to offer even if most people won't use it, and like @Mais88 said, the double supplies are very nice! I was planning on running XP Scavenge all weekend (and some OP), but now I may just do Supply Scavenge farming, which should still net me some decent XP, and maybe throw in some OP here or there.
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    hopefully this just means it'll be a more frequent event. we can't complain about it not being often enough and then complain about it being too often when they make it more frequent ;)
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    Gear for Tomatoes you mean, right?
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    Where is @Terminates
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    So I am assuming it's double supplies everywhere?
    Camp farms, wall walkers, crates, etc

    A simple sentence describing the weekend event in detail would be way better.
    I could just copy and paste in my guild chat instead of having to interpret.
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