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I'm still working on a potential pattern for the Good Neighbors spawns when you open the crates...I've only been able to play the map three times, so haven't tested different variations to get a better idea of the pattern.


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    Again, i need help
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    @Fragzie i could agree to the joke if you would come back to the topic afterwards, but without any useful suggestions you're not very helpful

    thx at @sligoem for his answer
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    @Fearofabotplanet can you pin this thread and remove the pin from Ka Boom, please? :)
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    since it's hunter week (again) and there are only few armored walkers in the challenge maps, hunters might fit best for most maps

    on maps like 'Good Neighbors', 'Gate Crashing' & 'Red Carpet' i might switch to melee teams with Jesus and two scouts with threat reduction to avoid spawns later on higher difficulty

    but i highly recommend watching where the walker waves will spawn and blocking these spawn points on higher difficulty, this makes life much easier
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    Dammit, still don't get a clue about the respawning armoured at "good neighbors". What's the pattern here?
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    Thanks for your reply, @Fragzie. I already knew where the armored appears. But I have the impression that the armored sometimes appears left of the screen and sometimes right of the screen when opening the left crate (even whlie blocking the respawn spot next to the left box). For me it's confusing so far.
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    In this situation after opening the first crate I expected the armored to appear at the right side below Sasha.
    But that befuddled honk appeared on the left side instead.
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    @zbot Not sure who to ask, but it would be nice if the post was moved to Alexandria - Overview, Tips & Strategies by OneLessTitan for newbies like me to easily find. Imo
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    gespuer said:

    befuddled honk

    Lol :D
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    Please add Andrea, Shane and Hershel as heroe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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