Unboxing the new iPhone X

@painwalker that thread is for you. :)


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    Ok, now I am seriously concerned for you.
    Maybe we could all hold an intervention on the forum for you.
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    Save your money. This is cheaper.

  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,335
    Guapo said:

    So jailed forum members can have mods start new threads for them? That may come in handy someday. =)

    I believe it may involve someone getting an new iPhone X in return. :lol:
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    Rodent Lord! That's my actual phone.... And someone also unboxed it long time ago in 2014.... :#

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  • dandancar77dandancar77 Member Posts: 332
    will NG update the app to fit iphone X screen appropriately?
    Pain Walkerjimmydawise
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    @dandancar77 You should tag Teeceezy or Fearofabotplanet in your comment
  • NG_SamNG_Sam Staff Posts: 544
    @dandancar77 We will be updating for the iPhone X screen, yes. More details when I have them.
    David_H79Pain Walkerdandancar77
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