Always Glenn - Undifferentiated calls

Ok, I know that now we can get tokens by doing The Distance and NG propably nerfed radio calls, but I made 12 calls using 25 radio calls, 6 of them was 32 and 1x 128 Glenn tokens (got him on 5* for a long time), 3 of them was Daryl 32 tokens, 1x 32 Rosita's and 32 Dwight's and one only Dwight's 32 (all of those Heroes I got on 5*). The point is, that I've got enought of doing this calls with false hope of not getting Glenn's or another very common hero's tokens, especially for this useless Glenn's tokens. When I saw today that I once again got his tokens, I was much more happy about that He is no more in TV show and comic. I would like to upgrade some other heroes, like Carol, she's still on 3*, when Glenn almost got 1st pink!
Are those calls some kind of bug? Can it pass? Only I have that problem?
The same with hero creates...


  • _Lily__Lily_ Member Posts: 673
    You're not the only one. I keep getting Glenn tokens as well.
  • sligoemsligoem Member Posts: 330
    Friends don’t let friends make 25 calls. : )
    15 calls seem to be the best value (and there is still a chance of hero tokens, just not guaranteed). I only use the 10 call if I’m on the cusp of promoting a particular hero.
  • CzarnyJoCzarnyJo Member Posts: 70
    I ain't angry because it's hard to get tokens or hero tokens, I know there is The Distance and more important are Badges, level and weapons. I'm just bored of getting all the time the same tokens. More then 20 heroes and I'm getting Glenn half of the time... We need more tokens for new heroes like Meryl, Ezekiel, Gabriel. I think calls should be better balanced.
  • AlexFiliUKAlexFiliUK Member Posts: 167
    I managed to get 128 hero tokens from a free call too. Nice when that happens!
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    Phone call results and the drop tables have not been changed.
  • RWSRWS Member Posts: 320
    That just goes to show they still stink!
  • I_Am_PsychoI_Am_Psycho Member Posts: 1,431
    Sometimes you get a third option :)

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  • NemesisGamer1987NemesisGamer1987 Member Posts: 21
    For some reason i don't get that many Glenn tokens, I tend to get Dwight instead, And not that often as you describe.
    Btw for me, The hero tokens i get are extremely random, Very rarely i get tokens for the same hero more than once a day.
  • NemesisGamer1987NemesisGamer1987 Member Posts: 21
    edited November 2017
    Glenn tokens almost never appear for me, I remember doing at least one 15 call every two days in the beginning, My first 15 call i got 32 Glenn tokens, I only managed to have enough tokens to upgrade him after a full month, And i still need a least 50 tokens to get him to legendary (Which i won't be happy or sad about, I use scouts like once every two months)
  • ProjectX7ProjectX7 Member Posts: 156
    I can’t say anything bad about glenn because he saved my ass once or twice, but I do have to say, GIVE US ANY HERO TOKENS BESIDES GLENN! But for me, it’s any hero tokens at all.
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