BUG: Regal Authority doesn't work in solo missions

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King Ezekiel's power, Regal Authority, is supposed to make survivors retaliate when attacked. In a normal mission with multiple team members, everyone including Ezekiel retaliates whether they have the skill or not (like it says it will do). However, if you take King Ezekiel into a solo mission, like "Last Man Standing" from Season 7a, he does not retaliate when attacked.


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    FYI Funny enough but Ezekial doesnt even have the retaliate trait at all even when hes at Legendary. For his leader trait to work, and retaliate to kick in, he would have to be leading a team which he cant do if hes on a solo mission. Last Man Standing was one of the hardest missions there were. Did you even complete it with just him?
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    Ezekiel's leader trait is retaliate.

    Hero traits do work on solo missions.

    But "Last Man Standing" Season 7a is Michonne on the solo missions, not Ezekiel on the first two missions.

    Edit to add, I've completed "Last Man Standing" and can't remember or check if the final missions are solo but if they are his trait should work if you use him.
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    Yeah seems silly right? But he doesnt have the retaliate trait unless hes leading a team. Its like a 6th trait which is really cool, but you cant lead a team of one so I thought Id help you out to shed some insight on it...
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