Playing 24/7 and future thoughts



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    I've managed 135 stars and I don't think I've been hammering it, more just emptying my fuel tank whenever I've had around 5 or 10 minutes to spare - it only takes a minute or two to do a challenge.
    For example the deadly where you clear the room takes 3 rifle shots and a blast with the Assault. Done in a minute!
    (Insert smug-faced smiley)
    “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.” (Bob Marley)
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    I just hit 102 stars. Only had to deal with hospital 2 times so far. But i am happy with 10w and will probably leave it at that and go back to the rest of the game now. Herd gas = nonstop exploration :D
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    Just hit 179 stars but not doing any more deadlies.
    Got out of the last one but my heart is beating so fast now.
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    I think it's funny how people will complain about how long it took to wait on fuel and now people r complaining that they have to play too much. I guess ppl just like to complain just to complain. What a sad way of thinking.
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    There is a difference between complaining and constructive criticism. Or what's the use of this Forum in your eyes? @mack
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    I reached the 180* reward without losing any survivors but I'm retiring from this challenge now.
    I've certainly enjoyed it more than the previous challenges, which felt more like a chore.
    “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.” (Bob Marley)
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    Working long shifts at time the 2 a week is a bummer for me. Probably not score a lot on some and id like to be in the higher lvl ones. Cant we get an option to either start at lvl3 or start at lvl11? Would save some time hehe
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    I do like that they're changing things up a bit, but I agree about playing 24/7 on challenges only will get to be a bit much for some players & will tend to get bit monotonous & burn players out, I play the game a lot as it is but players like variety & like having the couple days in between to farm xp or supplies etc, stars don't give u much but rankings on the leaderboards but at the same time the rewards from the constant challenges don't add up to much when people are trying to grow their camps, gear & survivors so most of us when done the challenges like to grind out exploration missions as the rewards are greater & quicker to get in order to get ready for the next challenge or finish our story episodes where applicable, but with these back to back challenges doesn't really give anyone any lee way to do anything else but, so why even have the other levels now??? Maybe if ng insists on these double challenges per week make them equal lengths like 2-3 days each then give everyone that farming window in between or even to a take a small break whatever they wish to do, as most guilds have minimum requirements also it's going to stress a lot of ppl out trying to hit those quotas twice a week
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    A second point I want to mention is my concern about future upgrade costs. The last buildings ate already tons of Ketchup but the Outcome on the fields is decreasing in comparison. Same goes for the XPs we need for our Equipment and Survivor upgrading. Many wouldn't made it that far without the weekly glitch Event. :wink: IMO this will be a major issue to be solved when the next Council upgrade is rolling out.

    Any Ideas for solving that Issue, NG? :/
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