Can someone tell me what this is and how to get rid of it


  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
    From the help section.
  • crambert_neccrambert_nec Member Posts: 1,376
    Woah, I don't think I've actually ever seen this. News to me.
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  • Tapatio75Tapatio75 Member Posts: 636
    Thats news for me
  • jrodrf2jrodrf2 Member Posts: 335
    Don't think I've ever seen that either.
  • autumn_ashautumn_ash Member Posts: 325
    I remember reading about this condition when burning walkers were first introduced, but haven't heard or gotten one since :smile: My guess is that players rarely get to that point when you're so damaged by fire you're incapacitated, that's why it's forgotten
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  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
    Ya'll are welcome! I've only had to touch another survivor once and it was outpost.
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